Julien Renaux

Working on a new blog post about @reactjs, #Angular2 and #Redux!  #Observables

  • I have been asked to list everything I did for the AngularJS / Ionic communites over the years.
  • The event is brought to you by the creators of AngularBeers and AngularJS Munich meetups.
  • It is a great set of tools for developing hybrid applications based on AngularJS. Ionic is extremely popular at the moment, with more than one million applications built and a growing community of thousands of developers.
  • Learn the difference between the well known AngularJS 1.x UI-Router, and the brand new Angular2 Router.
  • AngularCamp is a three days (July 1st, 2nd and 3rd) event in Barcelona.

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@julienrenaux: “Working on a new blog post about @reactjs, #Angular2 and #Redux! #Observables”

Hi, I am a Front End Engineer based in Toulouse, France. I am particularly interested in UI design, CoffeeScript, JavaScript (JQuery, Mootools, AngularJS), PHP,

Julien Renaux