Thinking in React

Thinking in @reactjs with a bunch of @jsfiddle examples –

  • Use the props to filter the rows in ProductTable and set the values of the form fields in SearchBar .
  • Step 1: Break the UI into a component hierarchy #
  • Find a common owner component (a single component above all the components that need the state in the hierarchy).
  • If you’re familiar with the concept of state , don’t use state at all to build this static version.
  • If you can’t find a component where it makes sense to own the state, create a new component simply for holding the state and add it somewhere in the hierarchy above the common owner component.

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@oskar: “Thinking in @reactjs with a bunch of @jsfiddle examples –”

React is, in my opinion, the premier way to build big, fast Web apps with JavaScript. It has scaled very well for us at Facebook and Instagram.

Thinking in React