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  • npm install junctions –save
  • npm install react-junctions –save
  • npm install react-router-junctions –save
  • Or if you want to use junctions-based components within a react-router application, install react-router-junctions
  • Re-use components, even if they contain links!

@james_k_nelson: The “Junctions” router for #reactjs (and any other component based framework) now has pretty documentation at !

Composable and context-free routing for React, built on the excellent history package.

Why use Junctions?

They’re composable. Re-use components, even if they contain links!

They’re superimposable. Because sometimes two routes can be active at once.

They’re context-free. Now you can understand how your own app works!

They’re simple. Don’t believe me? Click the link on the next line.

See live demo, with source available in examples/raw-react.

At minimum, you’ll need the junctions package

Alternatively, use plain-ol’ script tags with unpackage. See the live demo source for an example.

Read Me · Junctions