The complete Javascript ES6 course. ☞ #javascript #es6 #reactjs #angular #vuejs

The complete Javascript ES6 course.
#javascript #es6 #reactjs #angular #vuejs

  • Right know in the web development industry, there is a growing demand for modern web framework such as REACT, Angular or VUE.
  • So mastering ES6 syntax will put you in a place were you can create amazing web apps and meet today’s standards.
  • This new version of JavaScript comes with a lot of new features and a bunch of updates for the old ways.
  • We will cover every new piece of syntax ES6 provides to us as well as the updates that made this language great, but now makes it better.
  • in”, then we will learn the new ways to interact with our code with “Object literals”, “template strings”, “_default argument_s” ,”classes” and we will end learning the hard stuff of ES6 like “Ge__nerators” and “modules”.

@Javascript_You: The complete Javascript ES6 course.

#javascript #es6 #reactjs #angular #vuejs

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