Feature toggle in @reactjs app with @_ericelliott #javascript

Feature toggle in @reactjs app with @_ericelliott  #javascript

  • How is the Curriculum Unique?
  • The curriculum was designed and refined by  Eric Elliott   and  JS_Cheerleader   over a period of several years, engaging actively with students and learning better ways to teach tricky topics like functional programming, category theory, and component composition.
  • We’ve logged thousands of hours of 1:1 student training to distill the curriculum plan for the best student experience.
  • You’ll start out learning the foundations of functional programming and composition which are often glossed over in other resources.
  • Several graduates from ivy-league university CS programs and dev bootcamps have enrolled in our curriculum program and tell us they learned more with us than from everything else combined.

DevAnywhere is a remote mentorship subscription program consisting of live video lectures, 1:1 mentorship, and lifetime access to an archive of video, books, and lesson content.
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