What I learned making my first open source React component

  • A folder for your code, a folder for your demo app (plus dev server and hot loading, yay\o/), a folder that you should use and I didn’t, some build stuff for shipping… – – Basically, it gives you everything you need so you can focus on your component and don’t…
  • You need a demo page so you can show off your component in action.
  • react-lazyload-fadein, for example, has a demo page that shows off different ways you can use it.
  • People will find out about your component in different ways.
  • Especially if someone could figure out how to slurp in the README file and make that demo page for you 🤔 – – The React community is a bit silly and loves to invent new patterns to bicker about.

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React Network #webdevelopment #reactjs from @ryanflorence

React Network  #webdevelopment #reactjs from @ryanflorence

  • Notifies your app when the network connection goes online or offline.
  • And then import it:

    Or use script tags and globals.

  • And then grab it off the global like so:

    Whatever you’d like to render in response to changes in the network.

  • Called whenever the network goes on or offline.
  • This is useful to fire off some imperative code, like adding unicorns to the page or more practically, avoiding resource fetching until the network comes back online.

Because the next billion users of the internet will have a decent device but a spotty connection. Having a component to help you declarative deal with that is super fantastic.
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Dumitru Glavan ~ FullStack Developer — Ionic or React Native?

Ionic or React Native?

  • You build a real mobile app that’s indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java.
  • It definitely takes more time to ship a decent app as a first timer.
  • “With React Native, you don’t build a “mobile web app”, an “HTML5 app”, or a “hybrid app”.
  • Your app will run smoothly on iOS and Android and you don’t need to learn native dev with ObjectiveC, Swift or Java.
  • Write your app ones and run it everywhere, don’t spend time on writing ObjectiveC/Swift or Java anymore!

Ionic or React Native?
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