React JS – Build real world JS apps & deploy on cloud ☞ #javascript #reactjs

React JS - Build real world JS apps & deploy on cloud


#javascript #reactjs

  • _* Brand New Course Launched in February 2017 (updated February 23, 2017) * _

    * Learn React by creating many examples and 4 real world apps *

    What students are saying?

  • This is a truly complete React Js course, that goes way beyond what other React courses out there teach you.
  • So, by the end of the course, you will be a capable React developer, able to write, understand and debug JavaScript code using all the powerful features the language offers to us.
  • Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

    • All the React JS and programming fundamentals: What is React?

  • Student #2: You have taken other React.js courses but: 1) still don’t really understand React, or 2) still don’t feel confident to code real-world apps.

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#javascript #reactjs”

Super excited to have @ryanflorence speaking about #react router at the next ReactNYC, meetup Aug 15 #reactjs

  • In this meetup we have two special guests: James Baxley from South Carolina (working on Apollo for Meteor) and Ryan Florence from Seattle (co-creator of react-router).
  • By the way, Ryan Florence and Michael Jackson have React workshops for beginners and experienced developers on 16, 17 and 18 of August.
  • In this talk I will propose some different approaches to hiring, recruiting, and managing developers by borrowing best practices from the tattoo industry.
  • Easy Server Side Rendering with GraphQL

    James Baxley

    React has unified how teams think about application development.

  • Let’s talk: [masked]

    At Enigma, we believe in the power of data to tackle tough challenges.

In this meetup we have two special guests: James Baxley from South Carolina (working on Apollo for Meteor) and Ryan Florence from Seattle (co-creator of re
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Dev Blog: How We Chose Our Stack – MHacks

Dev Blog: How We Chose Our Stack  #react #nodejs #tech #docker #hackathons #reactjs

  • It had seen years of changes brought in from different tech teams and contributors, last-moment fixes to prevent catastrophic events moments before the hackathon started, and a general lack of consistency.
  • Suffice to say, it was a hodge-podge of things we needed without enough time to implement them.Over the life of MHacks, we’ve seen about 5 completely different tech stacks for the website/backend, 3 different apps for either iOS or Android, and a few extraneous repos along the way (and for the record, those numbers are probably low-balling it).
  • We also use Docker for everything DevOps, including setting up our development environments, so everyone on the team is on the same page.DockerBy using Docker, we were also able to simplify deployments to the point where we can deploy through a simple Slack command.
  • (And speaking of Docker, I’ll be giving a tech talk at MHacks X about all things Docker, so be sure to drop by if you’re interested!)
  • In combination with both of those passing, we require Pull Requests to go through multiple reviews to make sure things will work the way they should.A Community-Friendly StackIn my opinion though, the best part about this stack is that everything is customizable.

Hello World! My name is Antonio and I am a Pharmaceutical Sciences major (yes, you read that right) at the University of Michigan. On the MHacks Core Team, I act as sassadmin — or rather sysadmin …
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Love @reactjs & @nodejs? Work REMOTELY on our new product @ManageSocial. More->

Love @reactjs & @nodejs?

Work REMOTELY on our new product @ManageSocial.


  • ManageFlitter – – is a multi-award winning SaaS social media management product.
  • Initially you will be leading a team of 2 engineers and 1 designer to take this product from alpha to launch and beyond.
  • ManageFlitter is headquartered in Sydney with team members in Canada, Brazil, Ukraine & Russia.
  • We are looking for someone with outstanding technical experience and a preference for working with a small smart team to work with us on our new ManageSocial product.
  • Whilst this is a remote role our headquarters are in Sydney Australia – this role requires a daily time crossover of at least 3-4 hours with our Sydney team.

Apply online for the job of Team Lead & Node.js / React Developer at ManageFlitter
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Work REMOTELY on our new product @ManageSocial.


The evolution of React

The evolution of #ReactJS 
 via @pusher

  • XSS does not attack the web application directly; instead, it attacks the users of that web application by attaching an embedded JavaScript code to the user’s request, which in turn steals information and compromises the integrity of the user trying to access a resource on that application.
  • Pete Hunt did not give up: he did most of the work required to decouple React from Facebook’s stack so that Instagram could use it as well, making Instagram the first external product to use React.
  • With this, Facebook was a step away to blessing developers around the world with the awesomeness of React.
  • This library allows developers build real native Android and iOS applications using Javascript and React.
  • The Library proposes a set of ideal primitives that can be used on all React applications irrespective of the platform.

Learn how React has been evolving in the past years and what are the most recent updates from the community.
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React VR – Creating Virtual Reality Apps ☞ #javascript #es6 #reactjs #angular #vuejs

React VR - Creating Virtual Reality Apps
#javascript #es6 #reactjs #angular #vuejs

  • React VR is one of the most innovative and hot frameworks on the scene for virtual reality development.
  • The framework just launched in 2017, giving you the ability to create virtual reality apps with the web development skills you already have.
  • First, learn the essentials of React VR by going through the main concepts.
  • Finally, learn how to use an API to grab information from the web to use in your Virtual Reality application.
  • Don’t miss out on this chance to be a pioneer in combining web development and virtual reality!

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#javascript #es6 #reactjs #angular #vuejs”

Building Applications with Mean Stack ☞ #javascript #es6 #reactjs #angular #vuejs

Building Applications with Mean Stack
#javascript #es6 #reactjs #angular #vuejs

  • The topics covered in the course are those almost all web applications need, such as data manipulation, searching, sorting, and pagination.
  • Chrispinus Onyancha is a hard-working young entrepreneur, working to impart the latest technology to his community where technology is almost mythical.
  • He learns new things every single day and puts them into practice to finally create marvelous products that solve his community’s problems.
  • He has demonstrated success in leading and developing complex, multiple high-profile projects simultaneously, and has partnered extensively with local and global companies and groups to achieve scalable products with a proven track record, while delivering business changes and adding value.
  • He is the founder of Creative DNA, an IT company majoring in media and health.

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#javascript #es6 #reactjs #angular #vuejs”