React Foundations — Exclusive Workshop

  • This workshop is for React beginners and those looking to get a better understanding of React fundamentals.
  • With a focus on React fundamentals, you’ll come out of this course knowing what problems React can solve for you and how it goes about solving those problems.

The full-day workshop focused on getting developers up and running on React to build faster and scalable single-page applications!
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WordCamp Europe 2018: Unit Testing Workshop

  • Since the first official German WordCamp in Hamburg in June 2014, Thorsten fell in love with both the WordPress community and WordCamps , in particular, where he likes to both gain and share knowledge .
  • Something that was kept a secret for far too long has just been unveiled: together with my friends and fellow WordPressers, Carl Alexander and Giuseppe Mazzapica, I will be having both the honor and the pleasure of hosting a three-hours-long workshop at WordCamp Europe 2018.
  • Well, the topic of the workshop will be unit testing, and here is what we put in the application: – – We’ve all had these “Wait, what?
  • While you might benefit from having heard one or another thing about unit testing, or software testing in general, there is absolutely no prior knowledge or experience required in order to sign up for this workshop.
  • But downloading PHP, or installing MAMP, or booting up your VM for the very first time is something that should have happened before the workshop.

I’m super excited to be hosting a workshop on unit testing at WordCamp Europe 2018. If you want to know why that is, you might want to read this post.
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How to integrate RxJS into React?

@voxxed_thess I booked mine of course for #ReactJS + #RXjs with @ivanjov96

  • RxJS is the Reactive extension for JavaScript and in this workshop, you’ll learn how to use it with React.
  • Your React app needs a better way to deal with side effects and data streams.
  • This workshop is about the integration of RxJS library inside React and creating beasts that can handle any time of the async request and easily communicate with any 3rd party API or other side effects.
  • Then we will start with an empty React app and implement RxJS library.
  • After that, we’ll create couple apps that demonstrate how streams work and compare that will the “regular” way of handling async requests in React framework.

All workshops are free to attend. However, to confirm your seat and to avoid no-shows you need to register and get a 15EUR value ticket. This amount will be completely reimbursed after the end of the workshop. In case of no-show, the amount will not be returned
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My hyper-talented friend is looking for front-end dev work (React/JS) from October onwards. His site: . Pls share!

  • I quickly came to depend on Ben’s knowledge and expertise on all aspects of the development of our Backbone.js app.
  • I don’t think the workshop would have been such a success without Ben.”
  • “Ben was able to apply his front-end development and architecture experience from day one, helping us come up with and validate key architecture choices and avoid costly mistakes as we scale Kayako to be used by 10,000s organisations worldwide to support millions of end users.
  • We found Ben’s advice to be realistic and pragmatic, factoring in resource constraints, business needs of the day and balancing those with future scalability benefits.
  • “Ben’s Javascript for Beginners workshop was extremely useful.

I can work with you to plan, architect and review how you can achieve seamless development, so I can impart my knowledge and point you in the right direction. I’m well versed in where and how bottlenecks can appear, but also how to solve and avoid them.
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Pls share!”

Announcing “Advanced React.js Online” – componentDidBlog

  • I can barely believe it, but over the last 27 months, Michael Jackson and I have taught React.js to over 3,500 developers at 91 workshops in eight different countries (Oh, and one prison cell in the UK, but I digress…)In that time we’ve learned a lot about React as library authors, product developers, and teachers.We’re the authors of React Router.
  • That kind of usage has exposed us to the needs of all sorts of applications, pushing us to find simpler ways to be composable as library authors.Meeting 3,500 people (and more at the meet ups we regularly attend in our travels) has put a lot of code in front of us, and even more conversations about code.
  • It’s been fun learning the unique needs of all these people and figuring out ways to make their code better as product developers.Teaching React to thousands has helped us identify parts that some folks initially struggle with.
  • This helps us refine our material one workshop at a time, making us much better teachers.We’re happy to announce that we’re bringing all of that experience to you in our very first online course: Advanced React.js.
  • We’ve taken the most popular parts of our workshops and put them into the course.

Ninety-one. I can barely believe it, but over the last 27 months, Michael Jackson and I have taught React.js to over 3,500 developers at 91 workshops in eight different countries (Oh, and one prison…
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Waterkant 2017: Modern WebDevelopment with ReactJS

Join @kaoDev to lear @reactjs at #waterkant17 #pureskills

  • Build your own chat app with modern JavaScript in your browser.
  • The focus is on ReactJS, a JavaScript library

    by facebook to render user interfaces in the browser.

  • To allow an easy start you can use a cloud workplace with a completely

    set up development environment.

  • If you have experiences with git and

    NodeJS you can checkout the project from GitHub and work locally, too.

  • Next to your Notebook you should bring a little bit of general software development experience, but no experience with react is needed.

View more about this event at Waterkant 2017
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Training for Learning React Native · Deco

  • React Native Expert Instructors
  • Get a sneak peek of our educational materials at React Native Express , a popular resource developed by the instructors of this workshop.
  • React Native Contributor, Exponent
  • Devin is co-creator of Deco IDE , author of React Native Express , and contributor to the React Native documentation.
  • React Native Engineer, Netflix

Learn React Native hands-on and in-person from the most active developers in the community. Discover the latest trends and best practices by building practical apps during the workshop that soar above and beyond online resources.
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