Choosing Between React and Vue For WordPress Development

Choosing Between #ReactJS and #VueJS For WordPress Development -

  • In React, component state is mutated using the function setState(), while in Vue, you just change the variable value directly or you use v-model directive in an HTML template and it’s all magical.
  • Any mildly complex Vue or React app needs state management — using Redux, V\uex or similar — for app state and that involves state update function.
  • When creating React or Vue components this way, you have to write your own change handlers to modify state.
  • Vue’s data model is inspired by React and other frameworks based on observables.
  • In the React world create-react-app is a CLI tool, like Vue CLI for scaffolding apps.

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Which JavaScript Framework for WordPress Core? — SitePoint

  • If you keep up on WordPress news at all, you may be aware that WordPress Core will soon include a JavaScript framework, in addition to Backbone.js (which will remain and continue to be maintained).
  • But the hunt for the correct JavaScript framework for WordPress Core has been an interesting one.
  • Choosing a JavaScript Framework for WordPress
    Over the course of the weekly JavaScript Chats held on the WordPress contributor Slack on May 23 and on May 30, the decision has been narrowed down to React or Vue.js.
  • Here are a few points brought up by people on either side regarding the two candidates:

    Has a (relatively speaking) higher learning curve, which might prove to be a barrier especially to new JS developers or WordPress developers adopting JS
    Licensing issues (particularly this one)
    Some WordPress contributors worry about so tightly linking WordPress to React, and by extension Facebook, a company whose ideology does not quite align with that of WordPress.

  • And of course, all of this has people talking yet again about WordPress and its future with JavaScript.

WordPress contributors square off, trying to determine the best JavaScript framework for WordPress (React vs Vue.js!). Which framework do you support?
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