React Foundations — Exclusive Workshop

  • This workshop is for React beginners and those looking to get a better understanding of React fundamentals.
  • With a focus on React fundamentals, you’ll come out of this course knowing what problems React can solve for you and how it goes about solving those problems.

The full-day workshop focused on getting developers up and running on React to build faster and scalable single-page applications!
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Advanced React Patterns — Exclusive Workshop

  • Making React components that can be used in multiple places is not hard.
  • What is hard is when the use cases differ.
  • Without the right patterns, you can find yourself with a highly complex component that requires a lot of configuration props and way too many if statements.

Join Kent C. Dodds and learn how to master React components.
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React — Composing Higher-Order Components (HOCs) – Casey Morris – Medium

  • Data is passed down to the wrapped component.LoggerEasily log all prop changes (on render) for a given component, helpful for quick debugging purposes.PropsSometimes you need to inject props into a component, this is especially useful when using a branch HOC and only want a single branch to receive specific props.TimeoutsAdding…
  • This HOC will also spread the current data item as props into the supplied component.HOCsNow that we’ve gone over a few use cases, lets look at some simple implementations before we get into any complex chaining.hasPropsTakes a single parameter, injectedProps and returns a wrapped component with the supplied injectedProps .
  • Useful when you need to inject props to a single component within the branch hoc, as the props supplied are injected into both passing and failing components.Use:Use with branch HOC:hasLoggerTakes a single parameter, prefix which prefixes the logged message, defaults to an empty string.
  • Injects data, hasError, error, useDefault, loading, and loadingMessage as props to be used in the wrapped no parameters and returns a wrapped component with injected props addTimeout and clearTimeouts.
  • This page includes a MockPostContainer which extends the Post component with a logger, mock data, loader, error, default, and list.Posts, Todos, Comments, and Users PagesAll of these pages consume real API endpoints from They each extend a single component (Post, Todo, Comment, User) with the isContainer and isList HOCs.Wrapping UpI hope…

To put it simply, a higher-order component is a function, that takes a component and returns a new component. I like to think of them as parameterized components. Many times I find myself creating…
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Improving the usability of your modules – kentcdodds

Improving the usability of your modules  #reactjs

  • All you have to do is use it:import getContentForFile from ‘react-i18n’const i18n = App() { return ( div h1{i18n(‘header.title’)}/h1 /div )}So that’s how it works (again, I’m sure some of you are thinking of other libs that could do this better, but please spare me the “well actually.” I’m aware…
  • const content = JSON.parse( … more stuffexport {getContentForFile as default, init}This presents a few challenges for users of the module.
  • Turns out that react-i18n actually exposed another module react-i18n/bootstrap to customize this behavior which is great, but that doesn’t resolve the problem of stuff happening if someone were to import react-i18n first.So what I did was a wrapped all side-effects in a function I exported called init(which was similar to…
  • But it’s ok now because that’s clear const messages = JSON.parse( ) // … other other stuff}// … more stuffexport {getContentForFile as default, init}So this means that anyone using the module now must call the init function, but they’re doing that on their own terms and whenever they want it…
  • However, we’re in the process of “inner sourcing” this module (and perhaps open sourcing it eventually), so folks are going to use it who use different tools and have different use cases.So, if it’s not too much work and doesn’t add too much complexity, then try to make the solution…

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The New Kid on the Block

Meet @mxstrbng - a new member of our #NeosCMS team working on the #reactjs UI:

  • After that I attended the Neos Barcamp, the other two sprints since then and the Neos Conference.
  • All this was much fun especially to see the development of the project not only from a remote point of view but also to contribute to the React UI development.
  • My focus in the Neos project is clearly on the React UI rewrite which we plan to release at the end of the year, but I’m also fixing some little things in Neos or Flow if they catch my eye.
  • I’m not only interested in React, Javascript and PHP but in computer science in general and different kind of programming languages.
  • So, this is me 🙂

    if you are not sure if you want to join the development of Neos and Flow, also as a non programmer, you should join a sprint and see what’s going on there!

Hi I’m Max, 27 and I  became a Neos team member on the 5th July.
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Free React Fundamentals Course Updated for React v15.5 – WordPress Tavern

Free React Fundamentals Course Updated for React v15.5  via @wptavern #WordPress #reactjs

  • If you’re looking for ways to expand your ReactJS knowledge, the free React Fundamentals course from has been updated for the latest React v15.5 release.
  • In the React Fundamentals course students will get an introduction to the React ecosystem and will learn how to set up a React component with NPM, Babel, and Webpack.
  • Complete beginners may struggle, so the course author recommends students enter with a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Last year’s State of JavaScript survey results showed React as the clear winner among front-end frameworks in terms of developer interest and satisfaction.
  • In addition to React Training’s fundamentals course, Codeacademy has two free courses for learning React.js and Wes Bos has a free course to help students get started with React.js, Redux, and React Router.

If you’re looking for ways to expand your ReactJS knowledge, the free React Fundamentals course from has been updated for the latest React v15.5 release. The 48-lesson course takes approximately 287 minutes to complete. It was designed for a wide range of professionals, including backend engineers new to JavaScript, Bootcamp graduates and front-end developers who want to expand their skill sets, and JavaScript developers coming from other frameworks.
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Which indentation style you prefer for JSX code?

Which indentation style do you prefer for JSX code? 🤔 #ReactJS #JavaScript

  • return (


  • Marko Stijak asked a question · 17 hours ago
  • @mstijak looks interesting, but I’m a bit turned off by the inclusion of a component library.
  • If I’m going to use a library I tend to gravitate toward those that are more atomic in their scope, plus the Vue community is incredible 🙂
  • Mainly Multiline, although most times I enclose the jsx return between ( ) just for clarity ..

There are a couple of ways to indent JSX code. Which style you find to be the best:

One liners
return <div className="well" style={{ border: . One liners VS Line per attribute, regular indent VS Line per attribute, aligned VS Multiline.
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React Native at Microsoft

React Native at Microsoft  #TypeScript

  • At Microsoft, weâ re always looking for ways to support the newest open-source technologies.
  • As the first article on a site intended to share experiments, best practices and insights learned by React Native developers at Microsoft, itâ s only fitting that our first article marries React Native with TypeScript, Microsoftâ s typed superset of JS. ReactJS is already used by many, many teams at Microsoft.
  • It is this very interest that led us to start investing in React Native.
  • I, personally, got emails from my boss and bossâ s boss asking what weâ re doing to partner with…
  • To date, weâ ve released a React Native extension for VS Code where we have continued to develop new features such as ExponentJS…

When former Facebooker and Quora founder, Charlie Cheever, showed up at Y Combinator Demo Day this August to share what his team is building at Exponent, it turned more than a few eyes. I, personally, got emails from my boss and boss’s boss asking what we’re doing to partner with…
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ReactJS / Redux Tutorial – #10 Async Actions

ReactJS / Redux Tutorial - #10 Async Actions  #facebook #javascript #reactjs -

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  • In , you can learn to code by watching videos and stay up to date with latest code shows, events and tutorials aggregated from various leading developer communities.
  • You may also handle asynchronous Actions in your React / Redux App. Learn about multiple, possible Ways to implement this in this Video.
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  • This video is Part of the ReactJS / Redux Basics Series.

You may also handle asynchronous Actions in your React / Redux App. Learn about multiple, possible Ways to implement this in this Video. This video is Part of
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Learn ReactJS: Part I

  • Lesson: Components Render Other Components
  • Unlock quizzes and other practice materials with Codecademy Pro.
  • Try the Codecademy Pro Quiz free!
  • Apply your knowledge of JSX to React components.
  • Learn about the other way to store dynamic information in React: this.state.

Build powerful interactive applications with this popular JavaScript library.
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