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  • And later he gave one of the most exciting talks of the last year’s ReactiveConf:Eventually, since we are huge fans of Clojure, we joined our efforts with EuroClojure and persuaded them to organize their 2016 conference in Bratislava:Clojure has forever changed the JavaScript communityMaybe you’ve never heard about Clojure, but it’s had a huge impact on you how program front-ends regardless.
  • Redux, immutable data, time travel debugging, hot reloading — all of this has been inspired by the Clojure community.Its creator, Rich Hickey, has taught us over the time thatDaniel Higginbotham summarized the key takeaways in The Unofficial Guide to Rich Hickey’s Brain, and I strongly recommend this read for everyone coming to functional programming from the OOP world.Closer look at ClojureNow you’re wondering what makes Clojure so special.Clojure is a dialect of Lisp, and we all know the jokes about Lisp parentheses, don’t we?
  • Even the code is just a huge nested list of lists, which is where the parentheses come from.Extremely simple Clojure exampleThis simplicity makes it easy to write functions that transform and generate the Clojure code.
  • For instance, generators, CSP, destructuring, or pattern matching, are implemented in Clojure as macros.You don’t use classes and objects in Clojure, you work with pure data instead.
  • The ticket will grant you access to all three days of the event.3 days packed with React, Reason, Vue, Angular, Clojure, and moreDon’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Medium for exciting news and announcements.By Samuel Hapák, co-organizer of ReactiveConf

It’s half past noon, and I’m sitting in a nice hummus place in Manhattan. I look anxiously at the big clock on the wall every few seconds because I should be having lunch with David Nolen, my…
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