Choosing Between React and Vue For WordPress Development

Choosing Between #ReactJS and #VueJS For WordPress Development -

  • In React, component state is mutated using the function setState(), while in Vue, you just change the variable value directly or you use v-model directive in an HTML template and it’s all magical.
  • Any mildly complex Vue or React app needs state management — using Redux, V\uex or similar — for app state and that involves state update function.
  • When creating React or Vue components this way, you have to write your own change handlers to modify state.
  • Vue’s data model is inspired by React and other frameworks based on observables.
  • In the React world create-react-app is a CLI tool, like Vue CLI for scaffolding apps.

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The Ultimate Vue JS 2 Developers Course

  • Vue.js 2 is one of the hottest Javascript frameworks right now and demand for Vue developers is quickly growing amongst employers.
  • In this course we will learn by doing!
  • I will lead you through the process of building three real world, professional Vue.js applications that, together, demonstrate all the features and capabilities of Vue from the basics to the cutting edge: – – In addition to writing code, we will also take the time to discuss the essential Vue concepts…
  • This course is ideal for existing web developers looking to upskill with Vue.js.
  • Please note these requirements: – – I look forward to seeing you in the course!

Learn and master VueJS by building 3 professional, real world web application using Vue!
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Some things that are better in Vue than in React – srhise – Medium

Some things that are better in #VueJS than in #ReactJS:  #JavaScript #frontend

  • Overall, after having significant time using both, I find both frameworks to be very similar in a lot of ways, and while I do prefer Vue overall, that’s not what this post is about.
  • When you mutate state in Redux, each reducer returns the entire state object back.
  • I don’t have to return the entire state object when I mutate the state.
  • The time travel features still work, somehow vuex is smart enough to keep clean copies of each state.
  • The following example shows the ‘methods’ and ‘watch’ objects of a vue component animating value transitions in the state.

On our team, we have a healthy balance of front end projects. We don’t usually choose a framework based on developer preference, but based on the requirements of the projects. So, for us, we don’t…
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