5 practical tips to finally learn React in 2018

  • I’ve learned React (as many other things) the hard way: I got my feet wet, experimented a lot, read a lot, sometimes spent weeks without much progress while other times I could have had a dozen a-ha moments in a single evening.
  • Bear in mind that this advice relates to learning React fundamentals.
  • Instead, these are just some helpful guidelines to help you learn React fundamentals faster — so you can move on to the other things.
  • It’s not perfect — one page at a time with no way to switch — but it lets you get started fast.
  • Storing the current page name in a local variable is not ideal as we can’t change it… so we can store it in the state instead: – – And since might want to go to , we can pass each page a function to switch to another page: – -…

Your job needs you to learn React yesterday… You’ve never even read about it until 3 days ago. Sounds ike you? Here are some tips to learn faster.
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