Create actions with redux-tide it’s simple! #redux #reactjs #Redux #React

Create actions with redux-tide it's simple!

#redux #reactjs #Redux #React

  • You don’t need to create reducers for rest-api data – – You should create reducers only for business front-end logic – – Redux-Tide – Do not force you to use only it, – – This is a small library helping you create normalization, actions, reducers and selector – – You…
  • js example from Usage section – – When you need to force a clear state of action, please use – – Please read Create one action for different entity id section and Other options to create an action – – And look examples: – – different-entity-id-example – – different-entity-id-source -…
  • () action id if you called where postId === 5 .
  • { post with id 5 is was deleted success } } we used action delPostById with prefix postId so, actionId has postId in actionId and if you want track all calls with any postId you hould used parentActionId property parentActionId – it’s actionId from action which was called .
  • () } } } – – For details you can look example: – – different-entity-id-example – – methods returns same action – – But generate new uniq dispatch type and new uniq action state – – You should be call , , when you are dispatch event and use getActionData…

redux-tide – Simple library for redux crud normalized state and actions/selectors for it
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#redux #reactjs #Redux #React”