Declarative D3 transitions with React 16.3

  • The new React 16.3 brings some changes to the ecosystem that change how we go about integrating React and D3 to build data visualizations.
  • Because the re-render is instant, you don’t have time to show a nice transition going into the new state.
  • We use to give D3 control of the DOM node, run a transition that lasts milliseconds, define an easing function, and change the attribute to the new value we got from props.
  • When that value changes, the transitions itself to its new position.
  • If we flip positions during a transition, D3 is smart enough to stop the previous transition and start a new one.

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ReactJs and components

ReactJs and components

  • They’re two type of component that you can use in your code

    If you want to create little pieces of code that can be reused everywhere, this is the type of components you should use.

  • Ideally, in your app, you should always try to have as many stateless components as possible.
  • Because  that normally means you moved your logic outside of the view layer and moved it to something like redux, which means you can test your real logic without having to render anything

    These component act like a class in javascript.

  • They can contain a lot of code and normally render your stateless component.
  • To render something to the user complex component will need to implement render method and return your view inside of it.

Components are the base structure of React. They let you split your UI into independent and reusable pieces so you will be able to use them everywhere. They’re tree type of component that you can use in your code
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WEEK -3 Updates [15th June — 22th June] – Reuben Varghese – Medium

WEEK -3 Updates [15th June — 22th June]  #react #gsoc #openmrs #weekly #addons #reactjs

  • WEEK -3 Updates [15th June — 22th June]Yet another week into Gsoc @ OpenMRS and things and the fun just keeps increasing!
  • I get to learn new things , implement things in a smart way as opposed to the conventional way.This week I had 2 tasks:a) Improved Tagging supportb) Display compatibility of the module with current installed OpenMRS versionUnfortunately out of the above 2 tasks , I am still working of the 2nd task so I guess I can say that this week’s work wasn’t as per my expectations.Anyway moving on to the updates of last week, I succesfully implemented the tagging mechanism.
  • Now, a user can click on a tag and all modules with that tag will get grouped together.How did I go about it?Firstly, I created the Rest API for it using spring .
  • On clicking the tag, basically the UI calls the Rest API which returns the data i.e. the list of modules with same tag.
  • This data is then inflated into the UI with the help of React router which does the job of connecting the front end to the back end.OUTPUT:Fig 1: Clickable tag as seen in the grey labelFig 2: List of modules with the tag: “form-entry”Conclusion:Not a very productive week Gsoc @OpenMRS, but optimistic about week 4!

Yet another week into Gsoc @ OpenMRS and things and the fun just keeps increasing! I get to learn new things , implement things in a smart way as opposed to the conventional way. Unfortunately out of…
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ReactJs the simple way – Reduce boilerplate code and enjoy React

#reactjs the simple way – Reduce boilerplate code and enjoy React!

  • It contains actions to update the state, stores to hold it and a dispatcher to coordinate the changes, but the truth is that the important statement of flux is the unidirectional data flow: When the state is updated, the application is re-rendered reactively, so it is the state who rules the application.
  • Flux definition, including stores, actions and a dispatcher, usually explains the unidirectional data flow in a more complex way that it should.
  • It’s a data structure that triggers events when it is updated, and it happens to contain all the needed to add the unidirectional data flow to your app.
  • Every time the state is updated, Freezer create a new immutable object for it reusing the unmodified parts of the data tree.
  • Let’s see the code of the todo update reaction:

    You might be thinking that having the input values outside the components will re-render your whole app every time the user types.

ReactJs the simple way – Reduce boilerplate code and enjoy React
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Building User Interfaces with Pure Functions and Function Composition in React

Build user interfaces with pure functions and function composition in #ReactJS:  #JavaScript

  • This idea is so important in React that React 0.14 introduced Stateless Functional Components which allows the code above to be written as normal functions (and which we’ll cover more in depth later in the course).
  • Perhaps one of my favorite things about React is it’s given me a light introduction to functional programming (FP) and a fundamental piece of FP are pure functions.
  • splice is not a pure function since each time we invoke it passing in the same arguments, we get a different result.
  • Well the main reason is React’s render method needs to be a pure function and because it’s a pure function, all of the benefits of pure functions now apply to your UI as well.
  • Another reason is that it’s a good idea to get used to making your functions pure and pushing “side effects” to the boundaries of your program.

👋 I’m Tyler. I’m a Google Developer Expert and a partner at React Training where we teach React online, in person, and build OSS like React Router.
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2 way data binding in Reactjs ?

Is there a way to do 2 way data binding in #ReactJS? Should you even? 🤔 —

  • Ideally we should only send data as props to child components.
  • Now if you would like to manipulate some handler of parent class you can do in this manner: this.props.parentContext.handlerFunction(parameters); where handlerFunction is defined in parent class.
  • I don’t know if this might answer your question but you can send context or methods of parent class to child class and then access functions or methods of parent class in child component thereby having a sort of two way binding.
  • You can use a package like redux-form for the particular question you asked, where all your input fields dispatch actions to a top-level redux store, and this data can be “connected” to from any component (using redux) to “bind” it.
  • React is unidirectional flow, that’s its organisational strength and coincidentally the main reason for choosing it and redux together.

What’s the best way to implement 2 way databinding similar to angularjs for all input elements in Reactjs ?. Tagged with NodeJS.
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Build a Voting App using React

Build a voting app using #ReactJS, #MobX, and Bootstrap:

  • Build a Voting App using React | MobX | Bootstrap
  • Cosmic JS is an API-first cloud-based content management platform that makes it easy to manage applications and content.
  • Cosmic JS is an API-first Content Management Platform
  • Add unlimited polls, upload images for each option and each poll has its own unique link.
  • Carson Gibbons is the Co-Founder & CMO of Cosmic JS , an API-first Cloud-based Content Management Platform that decouples content from code, allowing devs to build slick apps and websites in any programming language they want.

Cosmic JS has debuted a Voting App that allows us to feel the pulse of voters on various topics from favorite programming languages, favorite fast food chains & even the 2016 Presidential election…
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When choose {React or Angular 2} – Narek Mamikonyan – Medium

When choose {React or Angular 2}  #reactjs

  • React is more library rather than a complete framework (extra libraries needed from the community)
  • If you want freedom and assemble libraries yourself
  • And at the end I wanted to mention when sometimes we are coming back to question to choice between library and framework.
  • Since AngularJS is a framework it provides functionality that are out of the box
  • I’ve tried to write down cases when I’m choosing (or will choose) Angular 2 and cases when I’m with React JS.

At the moment when I was writing this post on internet you can find a lots of articles about Angular 2 vs ReactJS , some of them blaming Angular 2 some React JS and others trying to be honest. I’ve…
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dimaip/ Secret Last active Nov 18, 2016

  • In short: we are rewriting the user interaface of Neos CMS with React and Redux.
  • Neos CMS React new-contributor hangout
  • Even if you are not a user of Neos itself, this project may be interesting to you to get hands-on development experience of large applications on modern JS stack.
  • Sign up for a GitHub account Sign in
  • Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

Hi all!
We’ll be doing a Neos CMS React new-contributor hangout on Monday, 21.11., at 17:00 +1 UTC.
Tweet us at if you’d like to join.
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Should You Go With AngularJS or ReactJS?

Should You Go With AngularJS or ReactJS?

  • Though learning Angular will be immensely rewarding, I’m certain many prospective initiates to Angular have had their desires of Angular mastery nipped in the bud due to the terrifyingly intimidating and complicated Angular documentation.
  • I m back with another quarterly roundup of Gamasutra articles over the past quarter (July-September), as I continue my heroic efforts to excavate the best recently-published work….
  • “My personal journey working on WoW as game director is at an end, but my journey with Blizzard isn t. I ll still be but will be focusing on another project within the company.”
  • We aren’t always the best judges of what are our best pictures and Tinder is aiming to solve that with a new update, increasing your chances for a match….
  • ) – that updates the UI whenever a model changes (and vice versa)Useful out-of-the-box (as well as third-party-developed) modules such as Filters and Services that take the complexity out of…

Launched in 2009, AngularJS is a leader in JavaScript frameworks that lets you create powerful, highly functional web apps. Released in 2013,

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