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  • Yet the render method, the component props, and the component state are the most important things in a React app – getting a good grasp on these paves the way for productively using React in commercial apps.
  • In the above example, notice how state is updated with a new address object on every change – this avoids skipping updates when is used – which is just a React component that only re-renders when it receives new values for props and for state (it shallowly compares the old and new props objects and the old and new state objects).
  • Another powerful concept in React apps is controlled props – it basically means components don’t store any intermediate state for the controlled props (for example on updating the value inside a text input), but rather on every change, they notify the owner component of the change, so the owner can re-render the controlled component with updated values for the props.
  • The above inputs are example of controlled components (already baked into React), but basically this is the gist: uncontrolled components use their internal state to update their UI, while controlled components always show values from props.
  • And the beauty of it is that in almost no time you can become productive in building native UIs for mobile or desktop operating systems, or even for the webVR now that React is becoming widely adopted, with libraries written to target multiple platforms, but with one common way of thinking about UIs – declarative and component-based.

React is different in so many ways from its front-end predecessors. But the most different part is its way of thinking. Read on to find out more!
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Introduction · react-indepth

#ReactJS In-depth: An exploration of #UI development by @jamespolanco & @aaronpedersen

  • For a majority, Flash was a negative experience and UI technology.
  • Throughout the years we have continued to try and push the boundaries of UI technologies.
  • Our obsession with Flex included a deep understand of the application and component life cycles, resulting in a 90-page white paper.
  • We truly enjoy the exploration of technologies and frameworks.
  • Our goal with the GitBook is to document our process, share our research and try to organize our experiences into a single living document.

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@jamesryancooper: “#ReactJS In-depth: An exploration of #UI development by @jamespolanco & @aaronpedersen”

At DevelopmentArc® we have a love affair with UI application development. We truly enjoy the exploration of technologies and frameworks. This process helps us better understand the end-goals and complexity of the application stack.

Introduction · react-indepth