Experimenting with React Native & Expo’s Audio API

  • This year, we’re working on a complete refresh (Winds 2.0) that will introduce podcast support, enhanced social functionality, native iOS and Android applications, and much more.
  • With that, we have decided to use React Native to support our iOS and Android builds – a framework that will allow our development team to write applications that target multiple operating systems, with pure JavaScript.
  • We decided to build an audio player for iOS and Android with Expo’s powerful audio API and, of course, React Native.
  • Without React Native and the help of Expo, we would not have been able to target multiple operating systems in the timeframe that we have allotted and we would have to work with two separate codebases.
  • By experimenting and building a fully functional proof of concept, we’re now one step closer to Winds 2.0, and couldn’t be happier to announce that the code is 100% open-source on GitHub.

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Hack Like a Girl with Zalando Tech – Zalando Tech Blog

#Hack Like a #Girl with @ZalandoTech

#Hackathon #ReactJS #API #APIfirst #DiversityInTech

  • Overall, Hack Like A Girl was a great event and it was tremendously valuable being a mentor for participating teams.
  • Being a jury member was an incredible experience, with seven teams presenting their hacks.
  • I recently had the opportunity to be a mentor at the Hack Like A Girl Hackathon .
  • It was surprising to me that looking into a team’s source code was the last criteria option, and that team ratings varied when this occurred.
  • The API briefing session was followed by a VR workshop using the Unity Framework, with a hands-on-hacking session available before teams became engrossed in their hacks.

Get involved in hacking with Geek Girls Carrots Berlin and the Zalando Tech Shop API.
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