Looking for QA Volunteers for Introduction to React Native

  • The QA process is a time for people to spot any glaring mistakes, spelling errors, broken links, mistakes in teachers notes, clarification on quiz questioning, and any other feedback.
  • With QA there’s a few other things you should know.
  • Those are the quirks of QA mode.
  • Please use email to provide feedback.
  • When in QA, we try to not talk about the course here on the Community forum until it’s officially released.

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A Night of ReactJSTuesday, July 25, 2017 at 6:00 pm This meetup focuses on open source, open tech and the open web.

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#developer #javascript #html #css #programmer #JS

  • ReactJS is an open source Javascript library for building user interfaces – and it is taking over front-end development.
  • It was created at Facebook and is now being used by Netflix, Airbnb, Walmart, Bleacher Report and many of the world’s top websites and companies.Attend the July meeting of Open Source South Carolina and not only find out why, but get a very personal tutorial over the course of a couple of hours.The meeting will be broken into three parts – an introduction to ReactJS, a discussion of features like Virtual DOM, JSX and many others, and an overview of features and processes for the advanced developer.The meeting will also once again feature community announcements, food and beverages, swag (shirts, stickers, etc.) and networking with many of the top technologists in the state.Doors open at 6:00 pm with food and networking, programming starts at approximately 6:30 pm ET.

Follow us on Twitter for information about events as they’re posted, and to get reminders before they happen. @ColaTechEvents
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React Native Vancouver: April Talk Night

Community Report: React Native Vancouver: April Talk Night -  #ReactNative #Meetup

  • Presented by Eric Kim and based on his previous blog post, Eric talked about High Order Components (HOC) in React Native, what they are and 4 different use cases of HOC in React Native:

    He finished his talk by introducing Renderless Components and how they can allows us to create a component that automatically cleans itself when the parent component unmounts.

  • Presented by Mateo Barraza, we learned more about steps you need to take to be able to integrated your React Native app with iOS Native modules.
  • We had 3 lightning talks that were very engaging and not only showed us how the community is doing in Vancouver, but also give us more insight on how we can use React Native the best.
  • Stephen Laughton talked about how Invoice Simple is taking the incremental adoption route to use React Native.
  • Scott Domes talked about how MuseFind is using React and React Native and how they approached code sharing between the two.

This Tuesday we had our April Talk Night at BuildDirect’s office in downtown Vancouver. We had 100 people RSVP for the event and we had a great turnout. We had a 2 hours packed event.
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