Beginners Guide into ReactJS

  • See React as HTML inside Javascript which brought about JSX(Javascript XML) we’ll discuss more on that later.
  • A React component is a single object that not only outputs HTML like a traditional template would, but also includes all the code needed to control that output.
  • As you can see, the component approach means that both HTML and JavaScript code live in the same file.
  • In React, mutable state is typically kept in the state property of components, and only updated with , They are referred to has

    Let’s quickly go through the below code.

  • The render method consist of a form element that has an input field and also a submit button below, The input field has the onChange function that takes in , this method takes in as a parameter which happens to be the DOM event handler, and gets the result from , is one of the component API methods which is use to update state value, with this as a user types into the input field, the value will be updated in state.

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React’s Five Fingers of Death. Master these five concepts, then master React.

The 5 things you need to know to understand #ReactJS:

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  • The consequence of using the functional component syntax is that you lose access to the component methods we just talked about.
  • Higher-order components are a common pattern for giving a component access to new tools.
  • A HoC is a component that you can wrap around another component to pass it special props, and it’s typically created using a higher-order component factory function .
  • And we’ve also talked about the component methods supported by these classes.

A few years ago, my friend Sean started telling me how this brand new front-end library called React was going to take over the web. At first I dismissed it as just another framework fad. But then I…
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