Simple Guide to Creating a Single Page App with React Router

  • Below, you’ll see dom appended to signify the web version.npm install –save react-router-domUsing ES6 modules, you can import the components that we need:import { BrowserRouter, Route, Link } from ‘react-router’;// wrap your App component in the BrowserRouter BrowserRouter App //BrowserRouterWrapping your application in the BrowserRouter component will give your child components access to props from the native browser history API which allows the components to modify and match against url paths.
  • With that in mind, we can move on to the Route and Link components.RouteEach Route component will have a prop that represents the path to match against.
  • For example:BrowserRouter div Route exact path=”/” component={Home} / Route path=”/about” component={AboutMe} / Route path=”/contact” component={Contact} / Route path=”/projects” component={Projects} / /divBrowserRouter /***Take note of the fact that you’ll need to wrap any routes up in a div as the BrowserRouter component can only have one child node.Above, you’ll see that we have three routes each with a path and a component prop.
  • Remember that these aren’t routes in terms of static routing — they are simply conditionally rendering based on a pattern match from the location in the browser’s native APIs.LinkBecause we don’t want the page to load when we click on a link to a different part of the page, we can’t use your standard anchor tags for links.
  • The Link is set up how you’d expect following the conventions that we’ve already seen.BrowserRouter div Link to=”/”Home/Link Link to=”/aboutAbout Me/AboutMe Link to=”/contactContact/Contact Link to=’/projectsProjects/Projects Route exact path=”/” component={Home} / Route path=”/people” component={People} / Route path=”/contact” component={Contact} / Route path=”/projects” component={Projects} / /divBrowserRouter /There’s also a NavLink component that has useful properties for showing which link is currently active, so that’s something to explore if you’re looking for that kind of styling.That’s it!

Here’s a quick setup guide to creating a basic single page app with React. The goal of this post is not to get into the finer details of React Router, but rather to get you off the ground. As always…
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PrimeReact 1.0.0-Final Released

  • PrimeTek is excited to announce that PrimeReact 1.0.0-Final is now available featuring over 60 open source UI components for ReactJS.
  • PrimeFaces and PrimeNG have been huge successes already and PrimeReact now joins them to form the “big three”.
  • PrimeReact offers 17 free themes out of the box and we’ve also ported the popular Ultima and Avalon templates to PrimeReact as well.
  • Prime UI Suites are famous of not being tied to any design language and PrimeReact is no exception, if you prefer material design go with Ultima or if you like bootstrap styling check out Avalon.
  • Our plan is to align the featureset with PrimeNG and PrimeFaces so that new features are added to all 3 in parallel from that point on.

PrimeTek is excited to announce that PrimeReact 1.0.0-Final is now available featuring over 60 open source UI components for ReactJS.  We’ve announced the project kickstart back in January 2017 and after months of hard work and dedication, 1.0 is finally here. This milestone is actually the beginning, many new features are on our roadmap and we hope to receive community feedback to improve the library. PrimeFaces and PrimeNG have been huge successes already and PrimeReact now joins them to form the “big three”.
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Is your team ready to learn React.js?

Is your team ready to try out #Reactjs?

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Code School experts Sergio Cruz and Carlos Souza compare React.js to popular frameworks and libraries like Angular and jQuery, walk through several live demos and take questions from the audience in this on-demand webinar.
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Introduction – Developing a native mobile app with React-Native and Typescript – Medium

Introduction  #typescript #javascript #react #reactnative

  • We decided on developing a mobile app with react-native just because the idea of developing a native mobile app with javascript felt very exciting.We also thought of using Typescript with React because we feel it not only just brings type-safety to the javascript code but in-fact brings all the advantages of object-oriented programming allowing us to think javascript code in terms of some well-established design patterns and standards that help us design highly scalable code.
  • The goodies it brings — abstract and concrete classes, types, interface, enums are hard to resist.As we started on the development of the app, I thought it would be a good idea to put our learnings here in a series as it not only will help us document our tasks but would also help other react-native learners and developers.In this series, we will document step-by-step each task that we work on during the development of this app, right from the initial project set-up to its final implementation and release to the app store.What app we are going to developThe app we would be developing would be a simple photo albums app, where user can create an album and add photos to its from his/her mobile.Tech-stack to be usedUI using react-native + TypescriptStorage — Azure DocumentDBREST API using node.js, Azure DocumentDB Node APIAuthentication — oAuth (Facebook and Google)Targeted platformsIn its first version, we are planning to target only Android platform simply because couple of us in the team don’t own a Mac Book and apple doesn’t allow to develop iOS apps from any other operating system.Github RepoOur LimitationsWe are all learners of react/react-native, also this being a side project that we all will work on in our spare time, we are anticipating the project to go on a bit slow pace.Functional Testing — we don’t have a QE Automation expert in our team yet, so for most of its part Functional testing would be manual3.
  • Environment — for the UI app, we will use emulators on our local system to test our code.
  • Being a mobile app, it would be released to Android Playstore and thus we don’t need to maintain any servers for the UI app4.
  • So stay tuned, more stories to come soonInterested in joining us in this wonderful journey?we’ll be glad to have you in our team, pls email to us at with a little bit about yourself

Couple of weeks back, I and some of my friends, started on a side/hobby project to learn reactJS. We decided on developing a mobile app with react-native just because the idea of developing a native…
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Chartify: Lightweight React.js Chart Component

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  • A set of Magazine WordPress Themes that allows you to show information with order and class.
  • Huge catalog focused on mobile user interfaces for social and music applications, as well as controls for mobile panels.
  • A series of free blogging WordPress themes for you to start your next site in style.
  • A list of flat user interface design kits intended for use in social media mobile applications and mobile control panels, provided in PSD format.

Chartify is a simple and lightweight React.js plugin for building charts. It creates a bar chart, calendar view visualization, diagrams, graphs, and pyramid visualization of large datasets.
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React is cool, deal with it – Medium

#React is cool, deal with it  #reactjs

  • We’re talking about three different files to fetch and display in a table in contrast to simply develop a “PropertyList” component and all related logic there.
  • If you were developing following MVC pattern you would first implement a Model which would represent the property and implement any related activity of API communication in that layer, add a route to a controller which would fetch the model and pass it to the view.
  • React is hard to learn, we’re all used to seeing javascript and html in different files, we’re all used to MVC and it lacks much functionality so you need to add some different things to handle routing, api calls, jsx support, etc..
  • Everybody knows how crazy javascript world has been lately releasing new tools faster than you can learn them, there’s one tool, React that markets itself as the V in MVC ( or at least it used to ) that slowly started to take over front-end development still i read about many people complaining with wrong arguments about why they don’t like it so i decided to talk about what is it that is so great about react.
  • With react you don’t write HTML, they implemented JSX which is a processor that lets you add xml style tags in javascript so instead of having a separate file for your scripts you write both the logic and the content in a single file.

Everybody knows how crazy javascript world has been lately releasing new tools faster than you can learn them, there’s one tool, React that…
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React meetup #19

  • Start a Meetup Group Start a Meetup Group
  • I am a full stack web developer and love building web applications with reactjs and nodejs.
  • It is one of the best libraries to build modern web applications.
  • Join Us, If you like to learn more about reactjs and share your knowledge with other members of this group.
  • Talk 4 : React component lifecycle explained by Mahesh Haldar

Map for meetup location

Talk 1 : PRPL pattern with react/react-router/webpack by Jai Santhosh
Talk 2 : Rapid react-native app development with exponent by Kiran Abburi
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