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  • Making React components that can be used in multiple places is not hard.
  • Without the right patterns, you can find yourself with a highly complex component that requires a lot of configuration props and way too many if statements.
  • With this course, you’ll not only learn great patterns you can use, but also the strengths and weaknesses of each so you know which to reach for to provide your components the flexibility and power you need.
  • I have contributed to and published some of the most successful React components in the React ecosystem.
  • Through that experience, I’ve learned and taught patterns that enhnace flexibilty, usefulness, and simplicity.

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cant embed parents template in typescript  #angularjs #reactjs

  • When clicking one of the artists in the list, set the detailedArtist to the clicked artist.
  • Your detail component seems to actually be an ArtistDetailComponent.
  • Use the binding syntax, surround artist in brackets [artist]=”detailedArtist” – Steveadoo 5 hours ago
  • So User and Detail, so due to call showDetails function of Detail component I derived User from it – TyForHelpDude 6 hours ago
  • There is no reason for the user component to extend detail.

I have a class(userComponent) which derived from another class(DetailComponent) I debug and see everything works as I expected(no exception) except the thing; template of Detail component not rendered in UserComponent which I explicitly defined. Class and templates below;
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React JS vs Angular 2

Choosing a #frontendframework b/w #Angular2 & @reactjs ?Here is a handy blog for comparison

  • 5. DOM : React JS use Virtual DOM (Javascript representation of actual DOM) to manipulate the actual DOM , which makes it quite fast and efficient in comparison to Angular 2 which directly manipulate actual DOM.
  • 1. Component : Both React and Angular 2 are based on Component model.
  • 2. ECMA 6 : Both React and Angular 2 uses latest ECMA 6 features but React uses Babel to transpile ES6/ES2015 code into its ES5 counterpart.
  • [WHITEPAPER] Using Protractor for Testing AngularJS apps
  • We can see that both React and Angular 2 uses component (which is based on class feature of ES6) Component used in Angular 2 is quite difficult as compared to React.

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@TOTHENEW: “Choosing a #frontendframework b/w #Angular2 & @reactjs ?Here is a handy blog for comparison”

In this blog we are going to discuss in summary , difference between the two most popular JS (library/framework) i.e Angular 2 and React JS On the very first

React JS vs Angular 2