Vue.js, React Native, Node.js and JS Testing – Bulgaria Web Summit 2018 – Medium

  • Talk by Kaloyan Kosev: React Native App — Expectations vs Reality.superKaloI had a chance to be part of a team that started developing a decent size React Native mobile app from scratch.
  • As a developer with a solid React background, I had some expectations at first.
  • During my initial research, everything sounded terrific: performance stats, ease of development, learn-once-use-everywhere, debugging tools, etc.
  • But is everything terrific really?I’m excited to share my journey about how my expectations met the reality.
  • I’ll also try to address the most popular misconceptions about React Native, which front-end developers usually have before they have the chance to actually built something.

As the applications we write tests against grow more complex we might stumble into testing errors stemming from asynchronous and time-dependent behaviour. This talk will characterize several…
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Blockchain: 6 ways to master the technology in 2018

  • There can never be enough developers that have blockchain technology in their skillset.
  • For those who look to master the technology, check out these six sources . . . – – Let’s talk Bitcoin – – Andreas Antonopoulos is a known author (we specially recommend Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain), he is host of Let´s talk Bitcoin podcast and has a highly…
  • – – The host of this podcast, Trace Mayer, is an early advocate of Bitcoin and investor in key infrasctucture (Kraken, Armory, Bitpay, Bitmain).
  • Cryptovoices – – They have two different podcasts, one generic on cryptoeconomics and one focused on blockchain tech.
  • We link you with interesting companies, we share insights and create fun and informative events.

There can never be enough developers that have blockchain technology in their skillset. For those who look to master the technology, check out these six sources . . .
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10 key differences between ReactJS and React-Native? – Georgia Hovis

10 key differences between #ReactJS and #React-#Native?

#reactjs #reactnative

  • ReactJS and React Native are some emerging technology for web and mobile development.
  • React-Native and React-JS are quite similar, yet it has many differences which one should know before starting developing apps using this platform.
  • Here, are some important differences which should know by every ReactJS web developer should learn before using this technology for the offshore web development purpose.
  • Moreover, the community around React-Native gets very big and keeps growing, the technology is not going away anytime soon, and I would recommend any web developer who wants to develop a mobile app.
  • Thus, it hardly surprises that both react js and react native enjoy so much popularity and many offshore development firms prefer it for developing all type of web application for their business.

ReactJS and React Native are some emerging technology for web and mobile development. This project was started with the goal of simplifying the development process and provide the more comfortable user experience. This library allows for building a web interface with JavaScript. React-Native and React-JS are quite similar, yet it has many differences which one…
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Frontend: 6 fun ways to stay up-to-date in 2018

  • Finding an interesting and funny podcast or Youtube show isn´t that easy.
  • They are entertaining and Ed Finkler and Chris Hartjes host a podcast you can best describe as a combination of comedy and This podcast is about inspiring you.
  • Rael doesn´t just talk about tech but also the people behind the – – A podcast featuring panelists of techies from Netflix, Evernote, Atlassian, and Linkedin.
  • to an This crazy YouTube show by Mattias Johansson is a good Monday morning wakeup Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier have a weekly podcast, normally broadcasted on Mondays or Tuesdays.
  • Couple of times a week, no longer than it takes you to drink a cup of tea . . . . – – TalentQrunch is the career hub for developers in the Amsterdam region.

The most entertaining and informative podcasts and YouTube show for frontend developers.
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Query Components with Apollo – Kureev Alexey – Medium

  • After Apollo takes care of fetching and mapping props to query parameters, query component uses “function-as-a-child” approach to expose a child-independent API with injected data.Comparing to the standard approach were you add a graphql wrapper to your higher-order components, query components have a set of advantages:Testability.
  • Query Components abstracts out your data management layer so you can focus on business logic and change underlying implementation if needed.Once a Query Component is defined, it can be used as an any other component in your application:A nice side effect of decoupling higher-order components into Query Components is minimizing…
  • If the data management layer grows, it won’t affect presenter components unless they have to reflect new data properties.Mutations with Query ComponentsMutations are not that straightforward as queries.
  • For example:Therefore, you can use this component in a similar way:So the concept is the same: Query Component receives a bunch of props that are later on used as parameters for the mutation query.Testing Query Components like a Pro 😎How to test Query Components?When it comes to testing, Apollo-based components have…
  • In other words, we check if given data.x complies to the shape of the mock that was passed to the fake client during initialization.And the last, but not least: query component should call a children function with the data, pulled from Apollo.

A couple of months ago, we started to use Apollo Client (+React Native) at Werkspot. From the very beginning, Apollo overwhelmed us by the simplicity and flexibility it provides. It inspired us to…
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How I organize my React & Redux projects – Bruno Quaresma – Medium

How I organize my React & Redux projects  #javascript #react #redux #reactjs

  • So, in order to reuse some domain logic like a Payment feature you will need to enter in every function folder and move the respective files and tests to a separeted folder to create a lib.
  • Problems solved… In parts…I think that the views(visual components/dumb components) are not part of the domain because the views are just a way to decorate some data to display to the user.
  • It’s the best part to use and reuse components.Then, I extracted the views from all domains folder and created a components folder in src directory.
  • Therefore, after some reflection, I decided to create a folder called modules and put all the logical domain inside.Another point that I think that is important to care about is the screens folder.
  • The answer to this is because the components folder is for reusable visual components(dumb components) as opposed to screens which are very coupled with the current application.The utils folder is used to keep some logic that can be extracted from the code but is not about the application domain, e.g. string/array operations.If you have a differente point of view, let me know.

In this post, I will share with you how I organize my React & Redux projects and talk about some decisions that I made while working in some projects in the last two years. This structure groups each…
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Reactjs Development Services India

#ReactJS has proven to be one of best #Javascript front-end library


  • ReactJS has proven to be one of the best frameworks out there and that is visible by the adaptability of the same by world famous companies.
  • It gives a near perfect experience for the client as well as the developer and ensures that interfaces built on it are not only great in performance but are also visually appealing.
  • Techuz has provided reactjs web development services to various clients all of which have been amazed by the technology.

Hire dedicated reactjs developer from top reactjs web & mobile application development company India Techuz. we have expert reactjs team for innovative solutions.
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React vs Angular: Two Sides of JavaScript – Prototyping: From UX to Front End

#ReactJS vs #Angular: Two sides of #JavaScript

  • Bringing our knowledge together, we decided to shed some light on React vs Angular question and share some thoughts with you.Thus, in this article, we are going to transform our front-end development experience into something that will help you to determine the technology that fits you better.Why Angular 2?
  • AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework providing everything needed to create a client-side of a website.During Angular 2 development, you can see that its second version got rid of unnecessary complexity that was present in previous one.
  • Talking about improvements, we cannot omit the fact that AngularJS 2 performance increased dramatically.How did it get popular?The fact that Angular is Google’s creation inspires trust by itselfDesigned in such a way allowing coders not to injure their psyche while learning Angular after other languagesMany coders point out that if your Angular code looks complicated — you are doing something wrongWebsites built on AngularJS: YouTube (for PS3), GoodFilms, Freelancer, UpworkSo, why Angular 2 can be helpful?
  • This way, React is an interface-focused solution since your users get a highly responsive interface with smooth loading.How did it get popular?Facebook stands behind this projectReactJS solutions are SEO-friendlyReactJS performance and flexibility are highFamous ReactJS websites: Netflix, Feedly, Airbnb, WalmartNow, let’s consider why ReactJS can be useful for certain needs in our view.React pros and cons by CleveroadHow to make your choice?Now, let’s dive deeper into details that may be quite important during technology selection.LicenseYou should be acknowledged with a kind of a license the framework is disturbed under.
  • The matter is that technology checks not only those values that have changed but all of them having watchers.Note: Angular 2 performance may cause some problems when it comes to massive apps.ReactJS developers have introduced the virtual DOM concept that allows creating light DOM tree saving it on the server.

In the world of deadlines, the right choice of technology takes crucial part. Having years of experience behind, we were involved in coding on dozens of languages, frameworks, and libraries. Bringing…
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The Very First React Native App On the AppStore /

  • It was the first React Native app ever shipped to production.
  • It was only the beginning, the React Native team had about 6 people working on it.
  • At Facebook we often ask

    For us the answer then was to “ship a React Native app”.

  • It was very reassuring to be able to use the technology you work on and confirm that it really delivered on the promise – building a native feeling apps in 10% of the time.
  • Video demo (notice the easter egg at the end):

    The @Scale app inspired the F8 conference apps to be built with React Native for 2015, 2016 and 2017 years.

A little known story about the first React Native app that was published on the AppStore.
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