⚛️ 🚀 Introducing React-Static — A progressive static-site framework for React!

  • How well that static site performs and how easily you can build that site is another story.ProsVery easy to get startedWell documentedConsSubpar developer experience for static functionality no hot-reloadingLarge per-page JS bundles, resulting in a lot of unnecessary duplicate code being downloaded.Difficult root component customizationDestructive routing.
  • We also knew that we needed to ditch built-in proprietary connectors ASAP; being able to get your data from anywhere is important, but the ability to use and access that data in your site is paramount.Most importantly, we needed a tool that would allow us to build things like an…
  • It’s insanely fast, touts fantastic SEO capabilities, and is probably the most React-friendly static-site library on the internet.Let’s get to it.How does it work?react-static starts by exporting a single JS bundle, which includes every template for your entire site.
  • To connect a component to this data, you use a convenient HOC called getRouteProps.The HTML files generated by react-static ensure that pages load instantly and are optimized for SEO.Once the page is loaded, your site invisibly and instantly transitions to your react app.At this point, navigating around your app will…
  • You’ve worked hard enough producing and organizing all of the data for your website, so the last thing you need is some superfluous GraphQL layer or custom component lifecycle lodging itself between your data and your pages.

At Nozzle.io, we take SEO, site performance, and user/developer experience very seriously. Over the last year, we’ve launched many sites using different static site tools that claim to solve these…
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Component-based Code Splitting – Michael Hsu – Medium

Component-based Code Splitting  #webpack2 #react #reactjs

  • 很棒的幫你把開發上的設定通通做掉,意思是專案不需要再去追 Dev-Tools 套件的更新,更可以專注在開發上,例如這次 v0.9 到 v1.0 基本上是將近無痛升級的,並且多了 Webpack 2、PWA 等等的 Features。Optimize Bundle Size在開始 Code Split 前你應該先做的事,看看問題可能出在哪,這時候可以使用 Source-map-explorer 來幫你找出你的 Bundle JS 到底打包了什麼東西:$ source-map-explorer build/static/js/main.
  • *我發現 Recharts 這個 Library import with React-LoadableReact-scripts 1.0.0 版本後終於內建 Webpack 2 了,除了專案省下很多設定上的麻煩,也多了 Dynamic import 這個 Feature,現在載入 Module 可以是 Async 的了:// import(name) – .
  • then(Component = /* … */) .
  • cache(err = /* … */);透過 React Lifecycle 可以很簡單實現元件模組異步載入,而這件事在 React-Loadable 已經幫你處理好了,詳細的介紹可以看作者 James Kyle 的文章,其中最主要的差異在於這邊是做 Component-based 的 Code Splitting 而不是我第一段所說的 Sync 載入的 React Component,改成 Async 版本,並且加上 Loading 的效果:導入 React-Loadable 的 Git DiffCreate-React-App 在 Building 的輸出會告訴你 Bundle JS/CSS 的檔案大小,特別注意這邊會幫你計算成 Gzip 的 Size。從下右圖 Bundle Size 看到原本的一大包 JS 檔案(原為 1.3 MB)被分為兩包,分別為 main (867 KB) 、chunk (330 KB)。最後的呈現結果為左圖,當異步載入之前會使用轉圈圈的 Loading loading DEMO

在後端 MVC 統治天下的時代,一個頁面對應一個 JS Static File 是很正常不過的事情;而現今網站多以 SPA 前後端分離為主流的開發模式,通常碰到網路效能瓶頸在於第一次載入 JS 資源過於龐大。在 Webpack 1 以及 React-Router 3 時已經有 Code Split 的設定方法,但是多半是在 Routing 上的討論,很直覺得會 By 頁面切分,例如設定多…
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Redux and Flux in React and Angular

On 22/09, @CodiflyVOF will give a talk at @JSValley_be in #gent!  #reactjs #angular #redux

  • Inspired by Redux, ngrx/store tackles state management for applications written in Angular 2.
  • After Kristof’s introduction on Redux and its use in React, Wout De Rooms, web & mobile engineer at Codifly, who has a background with both Redux and ngrx, will focus on the differences between both libraries and show how Redux-like state management neatly integrates in Angular 2 applications.
  • Start a Meetup Group Start a Meetup Group
  • Kristof Van Miegem, co-founder of Codifly , will explain how to manage application state in React applications with Redux.
  • We share valuable content related to the engineering of modern JavaScript applications.

Again we have an evening filled with 2 mind boggling sessions, this time on Redux.

Kristof Van Miegem, co-founder of Codifly, will explain how to manage application state in React applications with R
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ReactJS & Electron! :D

sMedium: A desktop app for writing Medium stories  via @gavindinubilo

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  • Gavin – I write code, also Jam API, and Songfari
  • A desktop app for writing Medium stories
  • I built sMedium because I want to get into writing on Medium, but often times getting way too distracted in the browser.
  • It comes with the same writing features that you get in Medium, making items bold, italicized, underlined, ability to write lists (get Medium famous yo)!

Read the full article, click here.

@ChintanGhate: “ReactJS & Electron! 😀

sMedium: A desktop app for writing Medium stories via @gavindinubilo”

sMedium – A desktop app for writing Medium stories. (Mac and Medium) Read the opinion of 20 influencers.