Typescript or Flow – Product at Home

#Typescript or #Flow: What’s your type?  #ReactJS

  • If you spend your days making 100-line apps or scripting stuff in a console, maybe adding types is not the thing for you.But if you’re working on bigger apps or libraries, spending a couple of hours to set up and learn the basics of TS or Flow will bring you…
  • You end up with a more robust and reliable code base.What really matters for you as a developer is the final outputI see a lot of guides, sometimes really good ones, focussed on the structural and implementation differences between TS and Flow — TS is a language, Flow isn’t etc. — but these aren’t the…
  • Let’s see what warnings TS and Flow are giving me:Typescript error messageFlow error messageTypescript clearly gives us the solution to fix the problem, whereas Flow just flags a type incompatibility.Errors on missing propsFor me this one is the biggest issues with Flow: Instead of having the error in the Title / component like…
  • Better yet, I could avoid this problem altogether in TS by taking advantage of with Atom and VS Code are fine, but from personal experience, Typescript remains faster than Flow, especially on large projects.So it looks like Typescript is clearly the best choice, or is it?Setup:If you have an existing project…
  • You’ll still need your unit and e2e tests to be sure that your app is running as expected.Both Flow and Typescript are awesome ❤ and I’m really happy that both of these solutions exist.

tldr; You’re not a machine. You just can’t catch all bugs and know your (and your team’s) code by heart and it’s not your job. So add static types! Ok, let’s clarify something here. If you spend your…
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Blueprint – A React UI toolkit for the Web

Blueprint - A @reactjs toolkit for the web by @PalantirTech

  • TypeScript makes developing with Blueprint faster and more predictable with static types.
  • React components and TypeScript interfaces are easy to compose together.
  • Go to documentation View GitHub repository
  • Universal design concepts and modifiers are applicable across components.
  • Blueprint is an open source project developed at Palantir.

A React UI toolkit for the Web
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React JS vs Angular 2

Choosing a #frontendframework b/w #Angular2 & @reactjs ?Here is a handy blog for comparison

  • 5. DOM : React JS use Virtual DOM (Javascript representation of actual DOM) to manipulate the actual DOM , which makes it quite fast and efficient in comparison to Angular 2 which directly manipulate actual DOM.
  • 1. Component : Both React and Angular 2 are based on Component model.
  • 2. ECMA 6 : Both React and Angular 2 uses latest ECMA 6 features but React uses Babel to transpile ES6/ES2015 code into its ES5 counterpart.
  • [WHITEPAPER] Using Protractor for Testing AngularJS apps
  • We can see that both React and Angular 2 uses component (which is based on class feature of ES6) Component used in Angular 2 is quite difficult as compared to React.

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@TOTHENEW: “Choosing a #frontendframework b/w #Angular2 & @reactjs ?Here is a handy blog for comparison”

In this blog we are going to discuss in summary , difference between the two most popular JS (library/framework) i.e Angular 2 and React JS On the very first

React JS vs Angular 2