My experience with React 16

  • If you have a React 15.5 app which doesn’t use deprecated features and doesn’t throw errors, then React 16 just works!
  • One of my favorite things about React is that it gives me access to a great library of open-source components.
  • And thanks to the stability of React’s API, I haven’t needed to upgrade many of these components… until now.
  • In previous versions of React, throwing exceptions within event handlers would have unpredictable results.
  • While React’s API hasn’t changed much, it has an entirely new engine under the hood called React Fiber.

Now I don’t want to waste your time with another “What is React 16?”; the official blog is already very informative. But what I can give you is the story of my experience this week, when I upgraded a large project to React 16.
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I’m Sticking With React (For Now) – Hacker Noon

I’m Sticking With React (For Now) @SeanKilgarriff  #Reactjs #JavaScript #WebDev

  • I used a package for React to handle my CSS transitions because they are difficult to implement when working with a virtual dom.
  • In one quick google you can find any package for React written as a component.
  • Inferno had no solution for CSS transitions.
  • While I understand that both of these frameworks are still very much under construction, the stability that React provides my applications is too good to give up.
  • With both Inferno and Preact, there was no solution for my custom CSS transitions – the infrastructure just wasn’t there .

Last month, I converted my personal website to React after gaining a lot of experience with it in the workplace. I used my website as a guinea pig to stretch React to the limits and see what I could…
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More Ways to Extend React Storybook — KADIRA VOICE

We've introduce a new extension API for #reactjs storybook:

  • Today, we are introducing an extension API with which you can write extensions to React Storybook.
  • With addons you can add new functionalities to React Storybook.
  • We started to look for new ways to extend React Storybook while maintaining its stability.
  • You can also share extensions you’ve built and use extensions created by others .
  • You can use the Storybook UI to display anything you want.

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@kadirahq: “We’ve introduce a new extension API for #reactjs storybook:”

We wanted React Storybook to be stable and customizable from day one. This came with a price: contributing to React Storybook was harder…

More Ways to Extend React Storybook — KADIRA VOICE