Norbert de Langen: Storybook has reached outside the React ecosystem & will continue to do so

Read our interview with @NorbertdeLangen about his recent work on Storybook:  #ReactJS

  • We strongly believe the problems Storybook solves are not unique to any single platform.Of course, we’re also going to be improving the features and performance of Storybook, and create new ways for you to extend Storybook and customise it for your use-case.
  • Finally: we’re really seeing the community getting involved with Storybook, we get pull requests making Storybook better in all sorts of ways we didn’t expect.
  • So who knows what will be included in the next release?Has rebranding from React Storybook changed its culture or direction?The culture certainly changed — now the community itself is driving Storybook forward.
  • If anything, I’d say our focus on helping the community co-maintain Storybook has had a major impact.Do your company clients adapt React style guides to their workflow?Yes in fact, most of them do.What do you think is the future of web and mobile development?Who knows?
  • I’m super excited about native support for ES modules in the modern browsers and Node.js!What are your favorite components, libraries, or community projects?Babel, Webpack, React, Glamorous, Yarn, Express, ESlint, Prettier, Jest, GraphQL.I’m also a huge fan of community-driven meetups.Pick one and tell us why: Redux or MobX?It depends.

Today, we’re opening our new series of interviews for React Day Berlin. Since Norbert de Langen is going to speak about building Storybook in Berlin in December, we decided to ask him a couple of…
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