Monday & #ReactNative 💙 #iOS #Android #mobile #apps #DevOps #software

Monday & #ReactNative 💙 

#iOS #Android #mobile #apps #DevOps #software

  • That’s why, today I’d like to share a number of things that boost my productivity while creating mobile app in React Native.
  • Storybook allows you to create stories in which you prepare pre filled UI elements with data that could possibly show up there during normal app lifetime.
  • Later within a few seconds you can easily go through all stories that you’ve described and see how they look on your device / emulator without the need of going through all of these states in normal app flow which takes much longer time.
  • This is a tiny example of a single story, however if you develop a normal app, you will surely have much more of them which may cover all of possible UI states for your components.
  • If your app grows, it’s easy to guess that tests will not run in a matter of milliseconds, but it’s still normal to have a result of them within 1-3 seconds from the time that you saved your file.

A developer needs tools that support her/his workflow to be fully productive. Well, I guess that this statement fits to any profession that you can think of. It is really important for me to feel that the environment that I’m working in really supports my flow and works well with my approach to software development.
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#iOS #Android #mobile #apps #DevOps #software”

[React Native 016.3] Using GraphCool with React Native

Using @graphcool with @reactnative -  #reactNative #programming

  • The second screen is a screen to create a post, by passing the image URL and the post description.
  • The rest of the ListPage component is just a list showing each Post and its image.
  • Let’s use this mutation and create a new Post:

    Once we run this mutation, we can refresh our app and see this new Post we have created in our app.

  • On the inline code, we will put our code, it does a POST request to our slack, and we will pass the post description and image url.
  • Let’s save, that, open our slack and create a new Post in our App.

A serverless solution for GraphQL that works great with React Native
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Bringing our mad skillz to Wagtail – Springloadnz – Medium

Bringing our mad skillz to Wagtail  #react #wagtail #performance #reactjs

  • In the past our work has taken us to Ede, Netherlands, and Cape Town, South Africa but this time we headed North to Reykjavík, Iceland thanks to our friends at Overcast Software.Over two days our group of nearly 20 were divided into specific task forces focusing on:Creating a new demo site for Wagtail that better demonstrates its capabilities.Making Wagtail faster on all devices for everyone in all locations.Overhauling the page explorer menu by rebuilding it with an API and React.Rebuilding the rich text editing experience from the ground up.Let’s have a look at the latter three areas that Springload actively contributes to.Optimising the performance of modern web appsSpringload has a lot of expertise in this area.
  • The impact of poor performance on user experience is well known across the industry, and it is paramount for the Wagtail experience to be best in class.As part of this sprint, we contributed by setting up tooling to audit and monitor Wagtail’s performance with, Grafana and Graphite.
  • We just got a BrowserStack subscription for Wagtail, which is going help a lot.BrowserStack provides us with automated screenshots, as well as On-demand browser instances — to test and debug in real browsers, without having to maintain local installations of many browser versions.Both users and developers have mixed feelings when it comes to rich text editing.
  • Try our online demo!Screenshot from the Draftail demoAs part of the sprint, we refined the integration of the editor within Wagtail with the help of Torchbox and the Little Weaver Web Collective.Building the future of WagtailWe invest so much in the future of Wagtail because we truly believe open-source communities are a great approach to software development.
  • We were so stoked to learn that what we’re contributing to building was used to make Hillary Clinton’s campaign site, and this is a perfect reminder that the impact of open-source software goes well beyond its original users.If you are interested in helping us making Wagtail the best product it can be, Springload is actively looking for designers and developers.

Springload regularly attends development sprints of Wagtail. They’re a great occasion to meet with other core contributors, and drive the project together towards the needs of its users, aka our…
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Learn and Understand React and Redux

Free Free.
#Udemy #ReactJS
Udemy - Learn and Understand React and Redux - I [Free]

  • There are already so many courses of React and Redux that it’s hard to count.
  • The motivation for this course is not to just to teach you how to use React, Redux and other libraries.
  • My problem is that I feel that in most of the books and courses out there, concentration is given mostly on just how to use libraries and sometimes they explain things from a very high level view.
  • This course will be based on project based approach, meaning we are going to learn and truly understand React  and Redux while developing applications and covering each and every concepts gradually and incrementally in a 3 part series.
  • Through out this three part series, we are going to understand React, ES6, React-Router and Redux and many more and practice so many apps starting from simple to medium size apps.

(React.js and ES6 covered in Part I) – Free Course
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Code Release: Out Loud – The Studio

  • I believe we’re doing some very interesting things with our code, from the audio player that learns user preferences based on play patterns to the extremely tight VoiceOver integration.
  • Out Loud’s audio player slowly learns your preferences and rearranges audio selections to match them
  • An audio guide for people who hate museum audio guides
  • Code for Out Loud is open-sourced under the MIT license.
  • Never miss a story from The Studio , when you sign up for Medium.

Over the past few months we’ve been working really hard with The Andy Warhol Museum to create Out Loud, the museum’s new inclusive audio guide, available today as a free download in the Apple App…
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Modern React with Redux

  • We found out that your browser is a little bit old!
  • Unfortunately we are not supporting this browser.
  • Please use one of the browsers below:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Master the fundamentals of React and Redux with this tutorial as you develop apps supported by NPM, Webpack, and ES6
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You Might Not Need React – Hacker Noon

You Might Not Need React  #Reactjs #JavaScript

  • You have the limited developers team with their skills and limited time for work.
  • People around want us to use the newest technologies available to us, right after they have been created.
  • We leave off working on our projects not written with React / ES6 / Webpack (or name another new technology) just because it’s not cool that they were written not with it.
  • New technology is not always a good thing.
  • I don’t mean that we don’t have to move on and bring new technologies into the development of our products.

“If you are a front-end developer and you still don’t use React in your projects, you might be a bad front-end developer. You don’t use ES6 either, do you? Too bad for you then. Maybe Webpack? No…
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The path of software development craftsmanship

The path of software development craftsmanship  #angular #reactjs #nodejs

  • Or that you never had a case to use the Bellman-Ford algorithm in JavaScript.
  • Libraries with algorithms exist, but developer simply cannot see the case when they are useful.
  • The programming fundamentals consist of algorithms, data structures and programming language knowledge.
  • Proficient developer can see the situations when certain data structure or algorithm makes the code more productive.
  • The knowledge of algorithms and data structures is very limited.

Detailed learning of algorithms and data structures is a must for everyone who plans to become a great software developer. Half knowledge is zero knowledge.
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7 Reasons Behind Skyrocketing Popularity of React Native

7 Reasons Behind Skyrocketing Popularity of #reactnative

  • React Native apps sport a highly responsive interface.
  • The fact of the matter is that iOS and Android are two entirely different ecosystems developing native apps for them is seen as the bane of developers.
  • Gets the major drawback covered.
  • Android app development requires learning of Java and the Android SDK. Apart from that, you need to bear the pain of staying updated with the latest features these two major ecosystems offer time and again.
  • You will agree that developing native apps for two different platforms is a painstaking and tedious task.

Image source: moduscreate.comRead this blog to get insight into why app developers worldwide are flocking to React Native despite several JavaScript frameworks already existing in the tech market.It’s no secret that Facebook’s React Native h
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How Carbon Five Builds 35+ Client Apps a Year on Heroku

  • Carbon Five uses Heroku for 90% of their software projects for wide range of clients
  • Carbon Five uses Heroku for 90% of their clients due to the platform’s support for rapid deployment, its language flexibility, and its ease of use.
  • The firm believes product design and development should be a deeply collaborative exercise, and they encourage clients to participate in every aspect of their project.
  • The firm’s wide variety of clients and projects brings new opportunities to stretch their skills and try new things.
  • The client not only gets a production app, but also a fully ramped up team capable of taking their new product into the future.

Read the full article, click here.

@heroku: “Heroku customer @carbonfive builds 35+ apps/year on Heroku using #reactjs #angularjs #nodejs & #golang. Learn more:”

Carbon Five uses Heroku for 90% of their software projects for wide range of clients

How Carbon Five Builds 35+ Client Apps a Year on Heroku