#Redux can be this easy : source : #reactjs #ReactNative

#Redux  can be this easy : 
source : 
#reactjs #ReactNative

  • Setting up and organizing a redux store in your react/ react-native projects can be a tedious and daunting task.
  • Redux-Box aims at extracting the complexity in setting up redux with redux-saga, without loosing the flexibilty or without introducing new bizzare terms.
  • Run this command in your terminal/cmd to install the package: – – Redux box emphasizes on dividing the whole application into multiple modules.
  • Each of these modules manage it’s state seperately, with the help of 4 segments: – – 3.
  • actions (it contains the actionCreators for your store.

redux-box – Modular and easy-to-grasp redux container
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source :
#reactjs #ReactNative”