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Re-imagining our JavaScript SDK


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  • So, to make that easier for all our users, we released our first incarnation of the JavaScript SDK back in 2013.
  • Key problems we wanted to address immediately were: – Removal of CoffeeScriptFully testedAutomatic authenticationWith the overall objectives of: – Releasing a solid piece of work to build onMaintaining correct semver off a base versionFollow standard patterns to increase the overall support baseThe automated authentication was one of the bugbears of…
  • By following a standard pattern we’re able to release the JS SDK as a single piece of work that can enable functionality across huge swathes of JavaScript technology out of the box, including NodeJS, TVJS, and standard Javascript.
  • By re-envisioning the SDK we’re putting in place a solid foundation on which we can start building better functionality and longer term goals with our community of developers and our team within moltin.
  • As always, the moltin goal is to change how developers build commerce completely, and the JavaScript community and its developers are a huge part of that mission.

One of the primary reasons we started building moltin was to bring the huge potential of secure commerce to the frontend, to the JavaScript developer! Over the last couple of years we’ve seen the…
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Expo SDK 21.0.0 is now available – Exposition

  • We do recommend updating sooner rather than later — see this commit from our template projects for an example of how to update.When developing, using the new API lets us show an error screen if an error is hit during the first render of your app, instead of hanging or restarting:Note that…
  • This should make it significantly easier to tell the difference between an error loading your app and a slow network connection.If you are experiencing slow loading times when developing your app, check to see if you have the “tunnel” mode enabled in XDE/exp and try using LAN connections if your…
  • There is an example in the Native Component List, and Brent has also published a couple of example projects using the new API:We do have a documentation page for this API, although for the time being it just points to the GitHub repository.Google AdMobSDK 21 now supports displaying ads through…
  • To help your App Review process go more smoothly, we’ve decided to remove the Stripe SDK and experimental Payments API from apps built with the Expo standalone builder.
  • This was a problem with a dependency we used for detecting the machine IP address, and has been fixed.Upgrading Your AppHere’s how to upgrade your app to Expo SDK 21.0.0 from 20.0.0:Close XDE or your exp CLI serverIn app.json, change sdkVersion to “21.0.0”In package.json, change these dependencies:- react-native to expo to…

I am happy to announce the release of Expo SDK 21.0.0! It is based on React Native 0.48 “August”. Our previous SDK, 20.0.0, is based on React Native 0.47 “July”. AppLoading has been extended with new…
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CRAFT: Create React App From Template – Stoyan Stefanov – Medium

CRAFT: Create React App From Template @stoyanstefanov  #JavaScript #Reactjs #WebDev

  • CRAFT: Create React App From Template
  • CRAFT needs a ZIP file that contains the template.
  • Let’s generate a new app using the FAIL template.
  • Create some templates, make your life easier.
  • File API Input Layer (FAIL) is a template I created for myself.

CRAFT (Create React App From Template) is a command-line utility that helps you get started with your new React app using a starting point of your liking: one you created yourself or maybe one…
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