Content Swiper for React Native is released

Check out our content swiper component for #reactnative

  • When we were implementing the Cheapp application we were looking for nice component for viewing images.
  • In our app we had upload indicator etc. built into our image viewer, so this component we released is pretty much built from the scratch to make it bit simpler and also to make it bit more customizable so it hopefully fits better for other peoples needs too.
  • Package includes Slide, SlideZoom, RotateY and Stack animations.
  • index=0 means that image is active and you can use those parameters to define enter/exit animations for your items as you like.
  • Here’s example of normal slide animation, but other animations are pretty much the same too.

Content Swiper component for React Native is out now
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Galaxy Client Planning · Issue #4424 · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub

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galaxy – Data intensive science for everyone.
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Add React.js Explorer to Chrome with React Developer Tools

Add #ReactJS explorer to Chrome with React Developer Tools:  #JavaScript

  • This feature is built right into Chrome and it lets developers inspect pages and edit or remove elements right from within the browser.
  • Facebook’s team created the React.js library which abstracts a layer for frontend developers to reuse certain UI elements.
  • And now, with React Developer Tools you can inspect these element hierarchies and edit them right on the page.
  • You can also study the different states and the paths of object trees including which elements are above & below other elements.
  • In the sidebar, you can browse through props and states which let you study the behavior of other elements in that same tree.

Every web developer should already know about the amazing Chrome Developer Tools. This feature is built right into Chrome and it lets developers inspect pages
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Learn React JS from scratch

Learn React JS from scratch


  • Every react app can considered a component or a collection of components which can be re-usable.
  • You can also use React to efficiently update and render components when your data changes.
  • Who uses React Adding and accessing React Library Adding and accessing React DOM Library Adding and accessing Babel compiler Using JSX Creating a React component Using props Prop Types Using props with children Working with state Handling events Using Refs Mounting components Un-Mounting Components Updating Components Creating a React App
  • I will walk you through how to create react components from scratch, review components properties, and component state, as well as the foundational parent/child relationships within React.js.
  • React.js is a an open-source JavaScript library for creating user interfaces React adopts a component based approach in developing applications.

Learn React js JavaScript framework from scratch
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Rail fleet management Front-end developer

  • Experience with modern JS frameworks (ReactJS is a plus)
  • In depth experience with web technologies and web based software (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • You will be trusted to bring innovative ideas and solutions to our clients and help them achieve their value creation goals.
  • If you recognise yourself come join Railnova’s passionate team and help us conquer tens of thousands of trains to change the future of Railway.
  • We design our own hardware and software to connect to train fleets and monitor all business critical parameters.

At Railnova we are changing the way train fleets are managed. As a Front-end developer you will build and maintain the Railnova software platform.
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ReactJS in-depth for JavaScript Developers

Meetup on ReactJS in-depth for JavaScript Developers @JaagaStartup by @alarisprime . #ReactJS

  • The workshop is targeted at intermediate JavaScript developers.
  • You may focus on designs, but knowing what will happen to your design when it goes through the development cycles is important and can have a profound impact on how your design.
  • • How to write React components with and without JSX.
  • Introductory pricing for the workshop is ₹20,000 per person.
  • The workshop is an in-depth exploration of ReactJS , the popular front-end view library built by Facebook.

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@JaagaStartup: “Meetup on ReactJS in-depth for JavaScript Developers @JaagaStartup by @alarisprime . #ReactJS”

A full 2-Day workshop, powered by Alaris Prime. Introductory pricing for the workshop is ₹20,000 per person.
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The workshop is targeted at intermediate JavaScript

ReactJS in-depth for JavaScript Developers