Ricky Figures It Out: Simple React-Native TabNavigator using React-Navigation

Ricky Figures It Out: Simple React-Native TabNavigator using React-Navigation

  • So to start let’s start with the basic file structure layout:I have created a folder I’m going to be doing all my work in called appInside it I have a config folder and a views folder with a index.js file as well.You can call your folders whatever you want, but…
  • /app/index.
  • js file.Our App.js file should look like:import App from ‘.
  • /app/index’;export default App;As always, we want to export it so our root level index.js can import it.Our index.js on the root level should look like this:import { AppRegistry } from ‘react-native’;import App from () = App);This is best practice if you want to set up any kind of server/database or…

No offense, but all of the other React-Native navigation articles I’ve found on Medium don’t work. So I took it upon myself to figure it out, and write a better, smarter, easier way for navigation…
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Structuring React Projects

Structuring React Projects —

  • Our Kanban application has a somewhat flat structure: – – It’s enough for this purpose, but there are some interesting alternatives around: – – There are more alternatives but these cover some of the common cases.
  • This setup isn’t enough when you want to add multiple views to the application.
  • You could have separate views for the home page of the application, registration, Kanban board, and so on, matching each route.
  • One way to deal with routing is to push it to a component that coordinates which view is displayed at any given time based on the current route.
  • It could be natural to introduce a concept, such as “feature”, between the views and the components.

React doesn’t enforce any particular project structure. The good thing about this is that it allows you to make up a structure to suit your needs. The bad thing is that it is not possible to provide you an ideal structure that would work for every project. Instead, I’m going to give you some inspiration you can use to think about structure.
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