The Performance Cost of Server Side Rendered React on Node.js

The Performance Cost of Server Side Rendered #reactjs on Node.js by @velmu

  • Note: After initial results I received feedback that I should define the environment variable NODE_ENV=production as this greatly improves performance of server side rendered React.
  • For throughput you can see that React is at a different league compared to the other templating engines when running without production settings, being close to ten times slower than the fastest traditional templating engine.
  • In production environment React performs again similarly to Nunjucks, but noticeably the average response time is significantly longer with the diffrence being some 70ms at concurrency of 250.
  • Like in throughput results, Pug performs close to ES6 template literals, but there is a consistent advantage in response times by the JavaScript native templating – some 12 percent at peak concurrency.
  • Throughput stabilises for both options from concurrency of 5 or more, but for high concurrencies the response time for uncompiled templates grows respectively more.

I like React as a templating engine, not only on the client side but on the server as well. Over the last year or two rendering templates with React.js on the server has become commonplace. Services from rather static content driven sites to Universal JavaScript Applications built on frameworks like Next.js are serving dynamic of server side rendered views using React.
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