now it’s easier than ever to contribute to react-native docs!

  • As mentioned above, the ‘docs/’ folder contains the source files for all of the docs in the React Native website.
  • If you’re adding a new doc or you need to alter the order the docs appear in the sidebar, take a look at the ‘sidebars.json’ file in the ‘website/’ directory.
  • The React Native website is versioned as to allow users to go back and see the API reference docs for any given release.
  • json’ files will be copied over to the corresponding location within ‘website/versioned_docs/’ and keeps track of the list of versions for the site in the ‘website/versions.
  • The ‘showcase.json’ file contains the list of users that are highlighted in the React Native showcase.

react-native-website – The site and docs for React Native
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Jest 15.0: New Defaults for Jest · Jest

@marekpiechut Mind updating this part? Jest does *not* mock by default anymore.

  • It can now switch between running all tests or only test files related to changed files by pressing a or o .
  • Jest now uses verbose mode when only a single test file is executed.
  • By pressing p a prompt appears that allows to specify a test pattern to focus on a specific set of files.
  • Jest used to implicitly reset all modules before each test and we recommended requiring modules in beforeEach or inside of tests.
  • When running multiple tests in parallel, it was often hard to find out which test and which module was calling a log function.

We spent the past year making Jest faster, easier to configure, added tons of features and built snapshot testing. However, there were two areas where we invested very little: the CLI output and user experience. With Jest 15 we are changing the framework radically to make it easier to use both for beginners and experienced users. We are excited that our investment in Jest is now paying off: we can move fast and improve the framework for Facebook and the open source community at light-speed. Jest’s goal is to come with batteries included and to require as little configuration as necessary. We recently got a chance to explain our philosophy on a create-react-app issue.
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