The Beginner’s Guide to ReactJS – kentcdodds

  • You can find it here: weeks ago, my newsletter was an overview of the Advanced React Component Patterns course (that’s been published today!)
  • This week I’d like to talk a little bit about the other course that was published: The Beginner’s Guide to ReactJS.In the beginner’s course every lesson is an individual index.html file.
  • If you ever teach a total beginner React, make sure that you help them get a solid understanding that creating React elements is not magic and that JSX is a really simple abstraction on top of React.createElement.
  • Learn React Fundamentals and Advanced Patterns — I’m just pretty excited about the course release! Sale — Save 30% on a year subscription!ReactPrimer – React component prototyping tool that generates fully connected class component code.Partial Application Lambda Parameter Syntax for JavaScript — Awesome use of babel-macrosUsing Glitch as a UNIX command line playground — Interesting idea!Some tweets from…
  • 🧟🧟‍♂️🏹 29 Nov 2017I’m having a conversation about semicolons again️ 30 Nov 2017Next language I learn will be @reasonml 👌 3 Dec my big announcement!My @eggheadio courses have been published and are totally FREE!“Learn React Fundamentals and Advanced Patterns” 4 Dec 2017P.

The course is free forever on! Let’s talk about how it teaches even developers experienced with React ⚛️ NOTE: This is a cross-post from my newsletter. I publish each email two weeks after…
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Cyclic References in ImmutableJS

Cyclic References in ImmutableJS:  #ReactJS

  • The closest I’ve come, is related to how you use Immutable Objects in your React state.
  • In ImmutableJS, you create a new Map for each Immutable object, of which, becomes non-cyclic.
  • You make the state a regular object, so React can recognize it, and then have your Immutable Objects as children beneath.
  • The case with Immutable, is that you create a new Immutable Object every time a change happens, so you end up with objects that are non-mutable.
  • Cyclic References in Immutable is heavily unsupported, and doesn’t really get to come any way.

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@ReactiveConf: “Cyclic References in ImmutableJS: #ReactJS”

Cyclic References in Immutable is heavily unsupported, and doesn’t really get to come any way. Let’s dive into some constraints, pros and cons of cyclic values with Immutable.   Problem:   The problem is fairly simple to understand with a few words. In ImmutableJS, you create a new Map for each Immutable object, of which, becomes…

Cyclic References in ImmutableJS