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  • A few weeks ago I gave an internal presentation about Storybook for React Native.
  • Storybook allows you to create stories with your components which increases development speed, improves reusability and allows you to create prototypes with actual components that can also be used in the real app.
  • A small demo showing some of the features that Storybook offers can be seen here: – – You can find the presentation slides here.

Storybook allows you to create stories with your components which increases development speed, improves reusability and allows you to create prototypes with actual components that can also be used in the real app.
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Build Native Mobile Apps in this React Native Tutorial

React Native :The Practical Guide

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  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your web development knowledge, combined with your React knowledge, to build mobile apps with that?
  • No need to learn Java, Android, Swift, ObjectiveC or anything of that – React and JavaScript is all you need to create awesome native mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS.
  • I’ll teach you all you need to create your own React Native apps, publish them to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and dive really deep into the React Native ecosystem.
  • You’ll learn all about the theory behind React Native, its core concepts, how to build responsive designs that work on different device sizes, how to animate React Native apps, how to navigate around, use maps and the camera and so much more – – And which better way to learn…
  • We’ll build the ‘Awesome Places’ app in this course, an app where users can share amazing pictures and the location where they took them.

This React native tutorial is the practical guide to help you to build your own native iOS and android apps from scratch. Enroll to boost your react knowledge
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5 Projects to Help You Learn React

  • Variations of this UI can be found all over the web – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Airbnb, Redfin, and so on – and it serves as a solid building block for the sort of app where you want to display an image + some data.
  • It’s also good practice for breaking down a UI into React components.
  • You might notice that the “days” look a lot like social cards…

    For added practice, here are a few ways you could expand on the app:

    You can see how this app starts off simple, but can be expanded at will to increase the challenge and the learning.

  • Hacker Hunt is an aggregator of Hacker News stories with categories, but more importantly, it’s a good app to build for React practice.
  • This app will give you some practice with lists of components that are a little more complicated than todos.

Here are 5 projects that’ll be fun to build, and do not involve any todo lists.
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React Native — first impressions – Real Life Programming – Medium

React Native — first impressions  #react #softwaredevelopment #reactnative #reactjs

  • Right now QuotesKeeper is already in AppStore and we’ll be posting updated thoughts about React Native soon.Some time ago at we started a project to build 3 apps with 3 devs in 30 days — the one month project.
  • Most of the knowledge you have about components, lifecycle, state, props, mixins, etc. can be used in your React Native project.
  • Just like you would do in regular React app.There are plenty of libraries ready to be used by your project if any native component is missing.
  • Also built-in React Native list component start scrolling very slow when you have so many elements.
  • You really need to test things out if you plan to work on large datasets.SummaryTo sum things up — would I use React Native in my next project?

First thoughts about React Native after more than a month of iOS app development. Good and bad sides of building your app with React Native.
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Next.Js – JavaScript Mantra – Medium

Next.Js: Is it the next big thing in JavaScript? @arunoda  #JavaScript #Reactjs

  • Just create a few files for pages in your app, and you are done.
  • For example, let’s say you need to create web app with two pages (Home page and About page).
  • It uses the file system as the router for your app.
  • You need to bring additional stuff which is needed for your app.
  • import React from ‘react’ import Header from ‘.

There are too many JS frameworks out there — we all know that.
But still, we see new JS frameworks every day. Next.js may not cure JS Fatigue, but it allows us to build web apps in JavaScript as we…
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A MobX introduction and case study

  • Actions modify the state, which triggers reactions.
  • Overall, we are very happy with the transition to MobX and would recommend investigating it if you are looking for a state management solution, especially if you are using TypeScript or Flow.
  • To use the previous example, if I wanted to display a banner after adding a client in that component I could set this.client = true and render something different when this.client is true.
  • Both name and numberPeople are observable properties of the thisMeetup object but only numberPeople is used in the autorun function.
  • Another neat thing about using MobX for state is that changes will be logged if you are using dev tools.

We Are Wizards Blog
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