Why Developers Love Node.js & what’s their main issue with it? Survey Results.

  • We were also interested in the infrastructural aspect of running Node.js apps in production, so we asked our readers to share where they deploy their services, what are their preferred front-end technologies, what kind of databases they use and which flavor of JavaScript they prefer.
  • Here come the results of our mini-survey: – – According to our survey, Node.js is a great option for developers who like to get their apps into production as fast as possible.
  • To understand why developers love & use Node.js, let me just show you a sample of the responses we got: – – When we asked developers about what they actually build with Node, the answers gave a pretty clear picture.
  • The answers were pretty hard to synthesise into coherent subgroups, but I tried my best in categorizing them: – – Although these answers are hard to categorize, I think they still provide useful insights into the problems & minds of Node.js developers.
  • The results were not surprising, the hegemony of AWS is clear: – – It looks like that React leads the front-end framework war – when it comes to Node.js developers who need to pick one: – – In case you’d like to learn more about it, read 8 Tips to…

539 devs who use Node.js in production told us why they love using it, what are they using it for, and what are the greatest problems they face with it.
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