React Vs React Native. What’s the Difference? [The Best Part of both??]

React Vs React Native. What’s The Difference? #ReactNative #reactjs #React

  • ReactJS or simply reacts a JavaScript library that supports both front end and back end efficacies for developing web applications and user interfaces.
  • So, how does it relate to ReactJS and React-Native – – Well, in ReactJS development services, Virtual DOM is used to refresh parts of a webpage rather than the whole page and thus makes it faster than usual DOM.
  • React-Native equips everything needed for the development of mobile applications, so it is comparatively easier to set up but offers lot less option than ReactJS.
  • ReactJS development services use JSX, a special syntax that allows programmers to blend both JavaScript and HTML.
  • React-Native only caters to mobile app development and has no relation with ReactJS.

Check what’s the difference in react vs react native. And which developer should you hire for your next web or mobile application. We have given detailed comparison between both and what skills react or react native developer should have in order to get hired.
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Beginners Guide into ReactJS

  • See React as HTML inside Javascript which brought about JSX(Javascript XML) we’ll discuss more on that later.
  • A React component is a single object that not only outputs HTML like a traditional template would, but also includes all the code needed to control that output.
  • As you can see, the component approach means that both HTML and JavaScript code live in the same file.
  • In React, mutable state is typically kept in the state property of components, and only updated with , They are referred to has

    Let’s quickly go through the below code.

  • The render method consist of a form element that has an input field and also a submit button below, The input field has the onChange function that takes in , this method takes in as a parameter which happens to be the DOM event handler, and gets the result from , is one of the component API methods which is use to update state value, with this as a user types into the input field, the value will be updated in state.

Dive into React with this Quick Start Guide. Differences between Props and State
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