4 Key Concepts to Learning ReactJS

4 Key Concepts to Learning #ReactJS  #React #javascript #webdevelopment #coding

  • Aptly named Create-React-App, the tool scaffolds the file structure for your React app and includes a dev server, as well as a compiler, bundler, and more.
  • With so much to learn already in this library, not having to worry about your boilerplate code is a giant relief and the file structure that the CLI tool provides on install will give you everything you need to dive into creating your Dream App™.
  • They allow you to take methods, variables, and even state objects (another ReactJS feature) and pass them around to different parts of your application as PROPerties.
  • Most web apps use one database to store application state and best practice indicates that React state is treated much the same.
  • PropTypes are a way for you to tell your application what type of data your component should expect to be passed to it.

At Modus Create, our culture is defined by a few key objectives, including the value we place on constant learning and sharing of knowledge. It’s no surprise that when I’m not writing automation tests for a client, I am working on personal projects. With most development projects, there comes a time to decide what tools you want to build your UI with. For my latest project, I decided I wanted to use the React library. The only problem was…I didn’t know React — so I decided to see how far I could get using the resources at my disposal.
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Emanuele Rampichini

  • Get people pumped about your work, even before it’s released.
  • Let’s talk teasers & trailers.
  • Emanuele Rampichini – How to push a ReactJS application in production and sleep better – React.js Day 2016
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“Everything fails all the time”. True for every software project, especially for a large and complex JS project. In this session we are gonna explore…
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Bootstrapping a React project

Bootstrapping a @reactjs app should be easy! Here are some tips on how to set up your apps 💪

  • A comprehensive example of adding authentication to a ReactJS app is .
  • ReactJS provides a nice set of test utilities that allow us to inspect and examine the components we build.
  • Testing becomes tricky in a ReactJS application when you have to deal with components.
  • In ReactJS projects, you can create custom stylesheets and UI Components.
  • One effective way of bootstrapping your ReactJS project is to start by designing your UI components and then glue them together, that way you can split up the initial setup effort into several small parts along the project lifecycle.

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@auth0: “Bootstrapping a @reactjs app should be easy! Here are some tips on how to set up your apps 💪”

Setting up a React application requires a lot. Learn how to bootstrap a React project without complexities!

Bootstrapping a React project