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Animations In React.js  #javascript

  • ReactCSSTransitionGroup requires three elements to work.A ReactCSSTransitionGroup elementAt least one item to render outCss to specify the animation type.The ReactCSSTransitionGroup element wraps the content that you want to appear with css transitionName=”example” …transition options… { items } /ReactCSSTransitionGroupThis element must be initiated with a transitionName, which tells react which css animation to render out.
  • The transitionName gets translated to a class name that you select in css, followed by the transition property..example-appear { opacity: { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 2s ease-in;}In this example the element will fade in from the background starting at an opacity of 0.01 to an opacity of 1 in two seconds.React.js allows you to set animations to elements in your react application with ReactCSSTransitionGroup api.
  • This allows other developers to get an idea of the exact state of the program at any given time.ReactCSSTransitionGroup works well for simple css animations but other options exist for more complex animations ie: animations that involve motion.
  • It also contains many of the popular animations styles such as: bouceOut, bounce, bounceIn, fadeIn , fadeOut , flip , headShake , jello, rotateOut , rotateOutDownLeft , rotateOutDownRight , rubberBand , { bounce } from ‘react-animations’;import { StyleSheet, css } from ‘aphrodite’;const styles = StyleSheet.create({ bounce: { animationName: bounce, animationDuration: ‘1s’ }})try them out at : for a full list of animations and instructions on usage see Motion: a javascript library that handles the physics of component animation and provides an easy to use api for accessing those animations.
  • find more information here: Nash Vail also wrote a great tutorial on motion that can be found here: defaultStyle={{x: 0}} style={{x: spring(10)}} {interpolatingStyle = div style={interpolatingStyle} /}/MotionReact Flip Move: react flip move is a library that allows you to animate flips for your react components.

Css Animations in react.js are handled through the ReactCSSTransitionGroup Api. It provides a way to perform css when components enter or leave the DOM. ReactCSSTransitionGroup requires three…
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