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What’s new in #ReactJS 16?

  • With React v16.0 Facebook has completely revised the internals of React while keeping the public API essentially the same.A brief introduction of the changes are:New Core Architecture:React 16 is the first version of React built on top of a new core architecture, which is named “Fiber”.
  • The new features in React v16.0 i.e. error boundaries, fragments, portals and async rendering (which is to be released soon) have been made possible due to Fiber.If you want to read more about this new architecture, here’s the link.Fragments Strings:With this new feature in React v16.0 now we can also…
  • To tackle this problem, a new concept has been introduced in React v16.0 namely Error Boundary.Only class components can be error boundaries.
  • Error Boundary ComponentNow you can use this Error Boundary as a regular component.If you’re interested in a screencast, I got you.Portals:With this new concept of portals React v16.0 allows us to renders children in any DOM node regardless of it’s location in the DOM.Click here to know more about portals.Server…
  • I don’t know much about server side rendering but I can refer you to this amazing article for an in-depth introduction to server side rendering in React v16.0.

React v16.0 comes with some major changes and an update to the react core algorithm. With React v16.0 Facebook has completely revised the internals of React while keeping the public API essentially…
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React Version 16.0 Released

#React Version 16.0 Released cc @CsharpCorner @PranavMTL  #ReactJS #React16

  • Facebook Inc. has released a new version of React, their very promising JavaScript Library for UI development.
  • The new React v16.0 contains a number of updates and new features.
  • “We’re excited to announce the release of React v16.0!
  • Though the documentation for most of the features has not been yet released, but according to the React v16.0 GitHub download page, the following are the significant features added to this new version of the library.
  • Further information, such as – breaking changes, details of these new features, and download links, can be found at the Official blog or on the GitHub repository

Facebook Inc. has released React v16.0.
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