React native or phonegap- build apps the easy way

React native or phonegap- build apps the easy way - @konstantinfo #MobileApps #WhaTech

  • To make this happen in reality, the communities of expert developers out there have changed the ruled of the app development by creating super-fast frameworks like React Native and PhoneGap.
  • Most mobile app development companies of today are working on improving their React Native and PhoneGap app development skills so as to gratify the business requirements of every company, entrepreneur, startup and enterprise across the worlds.
  • Belonging to the cross-platform app development, both PhoneGap and React Native frameworks only maintain a single codebase in HTML, CSS and JavaScript web technologies for both iOS and Android, instead of constructing parallel codebases in Swift and Java.
  • Since React Native is all about JavaScript, mobile app development companies need not train their employees exclusively on certain skills.
  • Related Article: The 7 Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks for 2017 – – In sum, those not from the tech world may only believe native Android and iOS apps to be the only solutions to delivering an engaging and feature-rich app experience to the users.

Now develop your mobile apps the cross-platform way where they look and feel like native with React Native and PhoneGap. React Native is Facebook’s backed UI component library making app development easier than ever before.
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How to Port Your Native Modules into a React Native Environment

Port your native modules into a React Native environment:  #ReactJS #JavaScript

  • Additionally, this middleware object–written in Objective-C–can interface with other Objective-C code, thereby letting us wrap around our existing native SDK calls, like initNewUserSession.
  • In the example below, notice how these functions in the middleware mirror exactly what our native SDK provides:

    Now that we have a nice middleware object, we need the Objective-C environment to be aware of it.

  • What’s very nice about this design pattern is that by having the wrapper simply wrap around the SDK, we’re letting the native SDK do the heavy lifting of lifecycle management, but allowing ourselves the flexibility to design the interface back to Javascript:

    Once we know we can hook into the iOS lifecycle methods and have the middleware “listen” to these lifecycle events, we can write the Javascript portion of the SDK to receive notifications when an event occurs.

  • For developers using React Native with Branch, it’s a matter of tapping into the Javascript function that connects to the RNBranch methods, and doing all the cool things they do with Branch, like receive deep link data, save custom events, and create shareable links, without having to worry about messy or complicated hooking into native code.
  • Branch found a relatively straightforward way to port into React Native without spending a bunch of time re-writing the Native SDK into a Javascript environment.

Learn more about how to port your native modules into a React Native environment, with this comprehensive guide from Branch.
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React Native: What to Expect

React Native: What to Expect  #reactnative #ios #android

  • People start using it for many reasons, including:

    As you build a skillset working with React Native, much of that knowledge can be leveraged for web development via React.

  • If we compare with other Javascript mobile frameworks like Ionic and NativeScript, React Native is number one in popularity on GitHub.
  • There are a lot of real world apps using React Native, such as Instagram, Airbnb, Walmart, and many more!
  • If you’re looking to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android, React Native is worth a try.
  • Our first React Native Remote Meetup is happening on soon, and it’s a great way to meet other React Native developers and stay up to date on what is happening in the community.

React Native: What to Expect
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React Native at Microsoft

React Native at Microsoft  #TypeScript

  • At Microsoft, weâ re always looking for ways to support the newest open-source technologies.
  • As the first article on a site intended to share experiments, best practices and insights learned by React Native developers at Microsoft, itâ s only fitting that our first article marries React Native with TypeScript, Microsoftâ s typed superset of JS. ReactJS is already used by many, many teams at Microsoft.
  • It is this very interest that led us to start investing in React Native.
  • I, personally, got emails from my boss and bossâ s boss asking what weâ re doing to partner with…
  • To date, weâ ve released a React Native extension for VS Code where we have continued to develop new features such as ExponentJS…

When former Facebooker and Quora founder, Charlie Cheever, showed up at Y Combinator Demo Day this August to share what his team is building at Exponent, it turned more than a few eyes. I, personally, got emails from my boss and boss’s boss asking what we’re doing to partner with…
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Introducing Chain React — The React Native Conference

The #reactnative #conference is coming soon, @ChainReactConf!  #chainreact2017 @ReactJS_News

  • We at Infinite Red have been working with Facebook’s React Developer Relations team to put together a great conference.
  • Infinite Red is excited to announce Chain React – The React Native Conference !
  • Chain React will be a two-day, single track conference hosted in Portland, Oregon in summer 2017.
  • If you’re in Europe or able to travel there, check out React Native EU hosted by our friends at callstack .
  • Software engineer [currently Elixir/Phoenix & React Native, dabbling in Elm], Lutheran, husband & dad to 4.

A two day, one-track React Native conference in Portland Summer 2017
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React Native Israel (Tel Aviv-Yafo)

Great talk by @PoTpOcKey today at React Native Israel #ReactNative

  • Yoni G. RSVPed Yes for React Native Sunday Hub
  • We’re hosting an open house for React Native developers every Sunday until lunchtime.
  • Or B. commented on Real World Apps with React Native
  • The Meetup repeats every week on Sunday
  • Come grab a cup of coffee and some snacks and do some React Native with us!

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@jondot: “Great talk by @PoTpOcKey today at React Native Israel #ReactNative”

This is a group for people that are interested with React (Facebook’s React), and its Native variant called React Native. React Native was opensourced by Facebook a short while ago and it promises to

React Native Israel (Tel Aviv-Yafo)