Building a Card Swiper in React Native

  • There’s way too many things this component exposes as props.
  • The Animator wraps your card components to make them tossable.
  • This first one is the Card component.
  • The only things I see needing optimizations other than the rendering performance is how the actions bar is hooked into the card stack.
  • It’s my hope with the community’s help we can make this the best card swiper for React Native.

This past month, a friend and I have been working on releasing React Screens. We plan on making two screens, complete with various UI elements that you can use some of, or the whole screen, in your own React Native apps.
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Guest Post: Automatically Deploy Pull Requests for Create React Native App and Expo Projects

  • TL;DR;appr builds and deploys pull requests in your create-react-native-app and Expo-based projects, and posts a link and a QR code to your PR, so you can run the app on your device or emulator in seconds!Great teams review their codeI’m sure you’ll agree: Code reviews are a useful tool in a development team’s workflow.
  • You wouldn’t release code to production without having another pair of eyes on it first, would you?Thankfully, GitHub makes code reviews simple.
  • Netlify offers the same functionality for deploying static front end sites.Sadly, this one-click workflow hasn’t been available to mobile developers without setting up complex build and deployment pipelines, and even then, installing an app to be able to test a simple change still takes way too long.Inspired by Expo Sketch, I wanted to see if it would be possible to set up review apps for React Native.Introducing apprAppr is a script that deploys pull requests in your project to Expo, and posts a link and a QR code to your PR.
  • Point your Expo app camera to the QR code and the review app will launch on your device.
  • Switching to your preferred CI should be easy, and PRs to add support are welcome!To make testing your pull requests easy, head to FormidableLabs/appr on GitHub and follow the simple Getting started guide to add appr to your project!

Jani builds React Native apps at Formidable, a Seattle/London-based consultancy and open-source shop. You can follow him on Twitter as @jevakallio. appr builds and deploys pull requests in your…
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Be sure to download our conference app. Built with React Native.

  • Instead of printing several QR codes or having several separate links to each app store, you only need one QR code or link.
  • is the easy way to link to your app!
  • Just add the URLs to your app and we will determine which to use every time someone is using your address.
  • Instead of showing the page when someone uses your address from a device without download link, add a fallback URL. Then we will send all other devices including regular web browsers to that fallback URL.
  • With you get one link or QR code to your app, no matter if it’s on Apple AppStore, Google Play, Blackberry Appworld, Windows Marketplace, or Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire.

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