What to Expect from Maintainers #

  • Here’s what you can expect to happen when you open an issue or send a pull request.
  • In order to help maintainers focus on what is actionable, maintainers ask contributors to do a bit of work prior to opening a new issue:

    Issues that do not meet the above criteria can be closed immediately, with a link to the contributor’s guide.

  • Whatever the reason, when closing a pull request maintainers should keep the conversation friendly:

    Sometimes when a maintainer says no to a pull request or close an issue, a contributor may get upset and criticize your decision.

  • Once you have become an active contributor in the community, you may open a pull request to add yourself to the list, making sure to list your prior contributions to the community when doing so.
  • The bot can be triggered by adding any of the following commands as a standalone comment on an issue:

    Additionally, the following commands can be used on a pull request:

So you have read through the contributor’s guide and you’re getting ready to send your first pull request. Perhaps you’ve found an issue in React Native and want to work with the maintainers to land a fix. Here’s what you can expect to happen when you open an issue or send a pull request.
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Announcing Meteor 1.4.3 – Meteor Blog

Announcing Meteor 1.4.3  #webdevelopment #nodejs #meteor #react #javascript #reactjs

  • Announcing Meteor 1.4.3Better core package versioning, upgrade to npm 4, and moreMeteor 1.4.2 was a landmark release that brought dramatically better incremental rebuild times for larger apps.
  • This release, with the first stable version being, stands out as one of the most community-driven releases ever, with over 250 commits from 26 different contributors.Update now by typing the following in your console!meteor update –release, let’s go over some of the more exciting improvements in this version.Stricter version constraints on core packagesFrom the early days of Meteor until 1.4, a Meteor release pinned a specific set of exact versions of all of the core packages.
  • This meant that you could be completely confident that using that release would give you the same package versions in every app, but made it impossible to ship incremental improvements to core packages without shipping a new release of the entire platform.
  • In Meteor 1.4.3, this approach is refined so that core package versions in an app must now be patch-compatible with the versions specified by its Meteor release.
  • These new packages should make it easier for developers using UI layers other than Blaze to build Meteor apps with smaller bundle sizes while still using the built-in authentication provider integrations.This improvement particularly highlighted a collaboration between many community members, with lots of people stepping up to convert the different authentication packages provided by Meteor core.

Meteor 1.4.2 was a landmark release that brought dramatically better incremental rebuild times for larger apps. Meteor 1.4.3 includes a number of incremental improvements in diverse parts of the…
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[WebSocket] Fix race condition during initialization by gaearon · Pull Request #12305 · facebook/react-native · GitHub

Ever experienced flakiness of React Native Inspector in Nuclide? Just landed a fix for this.

  • facebook-github-bot added GH Review: accepted Import Started and removed GH Review: review-needed labels Feb 9, 2017
  • facebook-github-bot added GH Review: review-needed CLA Signed labels Feb 9, 2017
  • Gaearon referenced the pull request in facebook/react-devtools Feb 9, 2017
  • “` mkdir ~/my-server cd ~/my-server npm i ws nano index.js “` Paste this code: “`js const ws = require(‘ws’); const wss = new ws.
  • facebook-github-bot added a commit that closed this pull request Feb 9, 2017

react-native – A framework for building native apps with React.
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Why I love Create React App – Valerii Sorokobatko – Medium

So many reasons to 💕 Create React App:  #ReactJS #JavaScript #frontend

  • Awesome Create React App – A collection of awesome things regarding Create React App ecosystem.
  • Also there is the Create React App feature request with implemented Pull Request – Support different env configs .
  • But if I had already ejected application – I will have to migrate back to Create React App.
  • Change webpack config – add plugins and change entry point
  • Create React App doesn’t support decorator syntax at the moment.

Before Create React App I always copy-paste webpack config and other *rc files from previous applications to each new application or even playground. Create React App provides simple cli command to…
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Ant Design

  • We recommend to tag your questions with antd on Stack Overflow.
  • If you have any idea to improve antd, just create a Pull Request .
  • And we encourage experienced users to help those who are not familiar with antd .
  • Following Ant Design, a design language for creating user friendly and beautiful websites.
  • // import js and css modularly, parsed by babel-plugin-import import { DatePicker } from ‘antd’ ;

Ant Design – An enterprise-class UI design language and React-based implementation
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Jest 15.0: New Defaults for Jest · Jest

@marekpiechut Mind updating this part? Jest does *not* mock by default anymore.

  • It can now switch between running all tests or only test files related to changed files by pressing a or o .
  • Jest now uses verbose mode when only a single test file is executed.
  • By pressing p a prompt appears that allows to specify a test pattern to focus on a specific set of files.
  • Jest used to implicitly reset all modules before each test and we recommended requiring modules in beforeEach or inside of tests.
  • When running multiple tests in parallel, it was often hard to find out which test and which module was calling a log function.

We spent the past year making Jest faster, easier to configure, added tons of features and built snapshot testing. However, there were two areas where we invested very little: the CLI output and user experience. With Jest 15 we are changing the framework radically to make it easier to use both for beginners and experienced users. We are excited that our investment in Jest is now paying off: we can move fast and improve the framework for Facebook and the open source community at light-speed. Jest’s goal is to come with batteries included and to require as little configuration as necessary. We recently got a chance to explain our philosophy on a create-react-app issue.
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react-day-picker · GitBook

react-day-picker - A flexible day picker for #reactjs

  • Component { state = { selectedDay : new Date ( ) , } handleDayClick ( e , day , { selected , disabled } ) { if ( disabled ) { return ; } if ( selected ) { this .
  • import React from react ; import DayPicker , { DateUtils } from “react-day-picker” ; function sunday ( day ) { return day .
  • setState ( { selectedDay : day } ) ; } } , render ( ) { return ( < DayPicker initialMonth = { new Date ( 2016 , 1 ) } disabledDays = { sunday } selectedDays = { day = > DateUtils .
  • react-day-picker is a flexible date picker component for React .
  • Check out the examples to see its features.

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@survivejs: “react-day-picker – A flexible day picker for #reactjs”

react-day-picker · GitBook

Apollo Server 0.2: GraphQL with Express, Connect, HAPI or Koa — Building Apollo — Medium

Apollo Server 0.2: GraphQL with Express, Connect, HAPI or Koa  #ReactJS

  • We removed support for defining GraphQL schemas in schema language and moved it to an entirely separate npm module – graphql-tools .
  • We also wanted to make the project more maintainable by using TypeScript.
  • Express-graphql could adopt those features of Apollo Server which have proven themselves in practice.
  • Query Batching is a feature we recently introduced in Apollo Client, but it involved merging multiple queries into a single one, which made the queries sent to the server hard to read.
  • Apollo Server is a GraphQL server for JavaScript, built by an open-source community of GraphQL enthusiasts.

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@ReactiveConf: “Apollo Server 0.2: GraphQL with Express, Connect, HAPI or Koa #ReactJS”

A simple and modular GraphQL server for Node.js

Apollo Server 0.2: GraphQL with Express, Connect, HAPI or Koa — Building Apollo — Medium

More Ways to Extend React Storybook — KADIRA VOICE

We've introduce a new extension API for #reactjs storybook:

  • Today, we are introducing an extension API with which you can write extensions to React Storybook.
  • With addons you can add new functionalities to React Storybook.
  • We started to look for new ways to extend React Storybook while maintaining its stability.
  • You can also share extensions you’ve built and use extensions created by others .
  • You can use the Storybook UI to display anything you want.

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@kadirahq: “We’ve introduce a new extension API for #reactjs storybook:”

We wanted React Storybook to be stable and customizable from day one. This came with a price: contributing to React Storybook was harder…

More Ways to Extend React Storybook — KADIRA VOICE