Top 10 Sites Built With ReactJS

Top 10 popular websites built with #ReactJS

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  • Airbnb is an America-based company known for operating an online marketplace that offers hospitality service to people looking to rent or lease short-term lodging facilities such as apartments, holiday cottages, hostel beds, homestays or hotel rooms and facilitate experiences or participate in tourism concepts like walking tours and theme tours…
  • It collects and presents content from news feeds, social media and photo sharing sites as well as various other websites and offers it in a magazine format, allowing users to simply “flip” or turn over the “pages” through the articles, journalistic pieces, images and videos that are being shared.
  • Netflix is an American entertainment company that specializes in online streaming media services, DVD by mail and online video-on-demand facilities.
  • The site often offers viral images and memes that enjoy considerable popularity in the online world and social media.
  • The company regularly works as payment processor for various auction sites, online vendors as well as various other commercial users.

ReactJS is used for building user interfaces and used in the development of single-page applications & mobile applications. Nowadays Reactjs have more demand and we explain top 10 popular websites build with Reactjs.
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Get Rich Quick With React Context

Slides from my talk at #reactfinland about #reactjs context:

  • So when my advertising provider component is initialized, it constructs an internal advertising module with my configuration.
  • It configures my ad slots with my ad server.
  • When one of my advertising slot components mount, they call an activate function that is passed to them by the provider.
  • This causes my advertising module to tell the ad server: OK, go ahead and fill that slot with some advertising creative.
  • The ad server then uses a system called Prebid to make an online auction to sell the advertising space to the highest bidder.

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React’s ⚛️ new Context API – DailyJS – Medium

#ReactJS’s ⚛️ new Context #API:  by @kentcdodds #JavaScript

  • Here’s the simplest useful example I can come up with: – Here’s an even simpler version so you don’t have to open the codesandbox: – const ThemeContext = ThemeProvider extends React.Component { – state = {theme: ‘light’} – render() { – return ( – ThemeContext.Provider value={this.state.theme} – {this.props.children} – /ThemeContext.Provider…
  • , but if that’s not your jam, you could easily implement a Higher Order Component or something else using the context API (which is why it’s the best).
  • The React team will remove the warning about context being an experimental feature because it’s now a “first-class featureâ€� of the framework.
  • Here’s an example: – const ThemeContext = ThemeProvider extends React.Component {/* code */} – const ThemeConsumer = ThemeContext.Consumer – const LanguageContext = LanguageProvider extends React.Component {/* code */} – const LanguageConsumer = AppProviders({children}) { – return ( – LanguageProvider – ThemeProvider – {children} – /ThemeProvider – /LanguageProvider – ) -…
  • react-fns: Browser API’s turned into declarative React components and HoC’s by Jared Palmer ğŸ‘�react-composer: Compose render prop components (what I use in the codesandbox above) by jmeasreact-contextual: Tiny helper around Reacts new context API by Paul HenschelSome tweets from this last week: – P.S.

It’s way more ergonomic, it’s no longer “experimental,” and it’s now a first-class API! OH, AND IT USES A RENDER PROP! NOTE: This is a cross-post from my newsletter. I publish each email to my blog…
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Introducing the React Context API

  • The new React Context API is touted (at least on Twitter and a number of articles) as solving the need to use a state management tool, when I think in reality what it solves is easy dependency injection: Take something that lives at the top of your app and directly…
  • It essentially gives you an easy way to have state live at the top level in your component tree ( in this case) but “inject” it as a prop in a lower level component in the state tree.
  • A Consumer works hand-in-hand with the Context’s Provider, essentially allowing you to reach into your Context, and easily inject the Context’s value into a component, skipping many levels in the component tree.
  • Now that we’ve set up our Context and have created the Provider which wraps our app at the top level, we can now inject its into any of our lower level components.
  • When thinking of how to organize an app which uses React Context, I wanted to avoid having the Consumer code in the same file as the component which it “wraps”… the reason for this is because it makes it difficult to test the component in isolation.

We’ll take a look at the new React Context API, how to use it, what it does, and if it should replace Redux or MobX for your go-to state management option.
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Building an eCommerce Scraper with Node.js and React.js

  • It allows the user to type in a specific product name, to crawl multiple e-commerce sites and asynchronously return useful results to the user.
  • UI and ArchitectureBuilding the front endTo make it short, the front end is really small (only two pages: one for the search box and another one for the results).
  • I moved everything from ‘search term’ to ‘search results items’ into Redux’s state, thus making the code structure cleaner and nicer.
  • Some other problematic factors include: – Not having pre-stored information that could be useful to make predictions.Each result item consisting only of the following data: title, price, URL and thumbnail.My conclusion was to use a weighted ranking algorithm.
  • In a more complete implementation, that data could be useful for some sort of Machine Learning algorithm to predict the most useful way to rank results.

This is a quick story about how I created a simple but end-to-end e-commerce scraping web application called “crawl-io”. The goal behind this article is to provide an example of an implementation so…
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Advanced React Patterns — Exclusive Workshop

  • Making React components that can be used in multiple places is not hard.
  • What is hard is when the use cases differ.
  • Without the right patterns, you can find yourself with a highly complex component that requires a lot of configuration props and way too many if statements.

Join Kent C. Dodds and learn how to master React components.
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How to Use New React Context Api detailed � – codeburst

  • How to Use New React Context Api Context Api is available in the react16.3 so let’s build a counter using Context api.
  • Context Api helps us to pass down the data to the components without use of props at every component.In our counter app we only pass down one level.So Let’s install a react app using create-react-app – npm install -g newContext – cd newContext – npm start //to start dev serverNow…
  • app.js(using props)Now we are replacing it with context API Instead of using props in the Counter component.
  • First, we need to import NumberContext from our context.js file – app.js(uses context api)In line 39 above code tells first we are providing value to our component by wrapping our Counter component with the NumberContext.Provider.
  • The completed app looks like below image – That’s all in react documentation says Context is designed to share data that can be considered “globalâ€� for a tree of React components.

Now we are replacing it with context API Instead of using props in the Counter component.
First, we need to import NumberContext from our context.js file In line 39 above code tells first we are…
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Exploring the React Context API with Provider and Consumer

  • It explains how to use React’s new context API for passing props down the component tree.
  • Basically, React’s context API takes the clutter away of passing mandatory props, that are needed by every component, down your whole component tree.
  • Therefore you could use React’s context API to give every component access to the colored theme.
  • As you can imagine, following this way every component that needs to be styled according to the colored theme could get the necessary information from React’s context API by using the Consumer component now.
  • This Provider component uses React’s context API to pass down the state implicitly.

React’s Context API is a powerful feature for passing props down the component tree without the need to tell components in between about them. React’s context creates a Provider and Consumer component that enable us to use this powerful feature …
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