Top React and Redux Packages for Faster Development

Top React and Redux Packages for Faster Development


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  • After all, we always want our development tools to – Via GiphyIf you are a beginner in React, you may find some of the packages helpful in debugging or visualising various abstract parts of your app.
  • React StorybookWhile creating applications in React, you must have had this thought at least once: What if I could see a rendition of the component that I am using(or making) and see how it behaves under different combinations of props, states, and actions.
  • Demo from storybook’s repoSome highlights are — – Storybook runs outside of your app.This allows the components to be developed in isolation from the app development.It also means that you do not have to worry about various dependencies while creating the components.Other similar packages are: React Cosmos, React Styleguidist -…
  • It keeps track of the props and states, and when a component is re-rendered without any change in the props or the state, the package logs the details in the console.
  • Image from Why did you update’s repoCreate React App(CRA)Not exactly a development tool, but over the years I have found that this package is really helpful in creating rapid prototypes.

React has grown in popularity over the last few years. With that, a lot of tools have emerged that make developer’s life easy and development fun. They are going to help us in achieving the extra…
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React — Composing Higher-Order Components (HOCs) – Casey Morris – Medium

  • Data is passed down to the wrapped component.LoggerEasily log all prop changes (on render) for a given component, helpful for quick debugging purposes.PropsSometimes you need to inject props into a component, this is especially useful when using a branch HOC and only want a single branch to receive specific props.TimeoutsAdding…
  • This HOC will also spread the current data item as props into the supplied component.HOCsNow that we’ve gone over a few use cases, lets look at some simple implementations before we get into any complex chaining.hasPropsTakes a single parameter, injectedProps and returns a wrapped component with the supplied injectedProps .
  • Useful when you need to inject props to a single component within the branch hoc, as the props supplied are injected into both passing and failing components.Use:Use with branch HOC:hasLoggerTakes a single parameter, prefix which prefixes the logged message, defaults to an empty string.
  • Injects data, hasError, error, useDefault, loading, and loadingMessage as props to be used in the wrapped no parameters and returns a wrapped component with injected props addTimeout and clearTimeouts.
  • This page includes a MockPostContainer which extends the Post component with a logger, mock data, loader, error, default, and list.Posts, Todos, Comments, and Users PagesAll of these pages consume real API endpoints from They each extend a single component (Post, Todo, Comment, User) with the isContainer and isList HOCs.Wrapping UpI hope…

To put it simply, a higher-order component is a function, that takes a component and returns a new component. I like to think of them as parameterized components. Many times I find myself creating…
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