Why Progressive Web Apps Are The Future Of Web Development

  • At its core, a Progressive Web App (PWA) is simply a web application that uses modern web techniques to deliver a native app-like experience to users.
  • These are web applications with progressive enhancement to implement features like caching, background sync, and push notifications.Even though PWAs have been around for more than two years now, the response is quite underwhelming.
  • The best part about PWAs — you get the best user experience possible in slow connectivity as well as no connectivity (yep , you read it right.
  • The cost can get much higher if you plan to develop and maintain separate code bases for different platforms like Android, iOS and the web.Native App features that PWAs can usePush notificationsFull ScreenOffline workingSplash screen is supported giving it a more app like feelPWAs can make use of many more such…
  • However, there are some traditional features that only native apps enjoy as of now.Native App features that PWAs can’t use as of nowNo or highly restrictive access to different hardware sensorsAlarmsPhonebook AccessModfiying System SettingsPWAs are evolving quite fast and we can hope to see these features come to action pretty soon.Two…

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz around PWAs with many claiming it to be future of web development, especially in terms of mobile devices. At its core, a Progressive Web App (PWA) is simply a web…
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Choosing Ember over React in 2016 – Two-Factor Everything

  • The post is about why, when Clef was deciding whether to use React or Ember to build Instant 2FA, we went with Ember.
  • Ember F astBoot enables server side rendering in any Ember app with one command.
  • Because of the way Ember enforces conventions, these addons almost always work out of the box.
  • One of the goals of Ember is to give the developer the best experience currently available without having them do any work (or as little as possible) .
  • We haven’t had to do (2) but it seems much simpler in Ember with Ember addons.

One month ago, we started working on a new product: Instant 2FA, the easiest way to add two-factor authentication to any site in less than an hour. Currently, whether you roll your own two-factor…
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