Want to Build Progressive Web Apps Based on WordPress and WooCommerce? Here’s How (w/ Code Examples)

How to Build Progressive Web Apps Based on WP and WooCommerce  #webdev #wordpress #reactjs

  • The render method just returns another custom component called  that receives the categories data and looks like this: – – The above component iterates over the list of categories that it receives as a prop and calls another custom component called to render a single category element.
  • First, we need to make the connection with Redux by wrapping our main app component into a global store: – – In this example, the global app store will contain a list of categories and a list of products, which are merged together using the method from Redux.
  • The reducer is just a function that listens to particular actions and changes a portion of the global state, in this case the list of products.
  • That’s because the product list component is directly linked to the global app state, also using Redux.
  • In this way, it can access the products data directly from the app store, iterate over the list of products and use a component to render a single product element.

Progressive Web Apps combine the best of the web and the best of apps. Here’s how to build them on WordPress and WooCommerce (code examples).
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Intro to React – Christopher Hague – Medium

Intro to React  #learning #react #javascript #programming #learningtocode #reactjs

  • Here is another representation of how we can conceptualize our component hierarchy:- Application – Search Bar – Product Table – Category – ProductThe Trickle Down EffectHow does our application use each of the components to interact with one another?
  • In the same way that functions rely on arguments to operate on and manipulate data, components rely on props that are given as a they being declared.Using the example from above, it becomes easier to conceptualize how the Product and Category components are rendering the appropriate information onto the screen.
  • When the Product Table component is declared within the Application component, the Application will pass down this information related to all of the products to the Product Table as props.
  • As such, the Search Bar component will inherit a set of functions that define how the products in the API will be filtered based on the user input.The Category and Product components will then rely on the props passed down from Product Table to render the list of items, using the Search Bar component to filter the products based on the search terms and render only those products to the screen.
  • Conversely, if the search bar is empty then each product in the collection will be rendered.Divide and ConquerNow that we have some idea of how we want each of our components to function, let’s sketch each of them out below to get some idea of how the code for the app might look:class Category extends React.Component { // renders categories}class Product extends React.Component { // renders products}class ProductTable extends React.Component { // declares a Category and Product component, passing props to each of them Category category={product.category} key={product.category} / Product product={product} key={product.name} / // renders Category, Product}class SearchBar extends React.Component { // renders SearchBar // filters based on search terms}class Application extends React.Component { // renders SearchBar and ProductTable components, passing props to each of them SearchBar / ProductTable products={this.props.products} /}Now that we have all of our components defined, rendering the application to the screen becomes as simple as using the ReactDOM.render function and passing the Application component to it.ReactDOM.render( Application products={PRODUCTS} /,

React is a declarative, component-based JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. It was created by Facebook employee Jordan Walke and was first deployed on Facebook and Instagram in 2011…
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Do u like #grunt ? #developers #reactjs #angular #html #css #byteswag

Do u like #grunt ?  

 #developers #reactjs #angular #html  #css #byteswag

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#developers #reactjs #angular #html #css #byteswag”

SVG icon sets in React with Rollup – Helpful Human – Medium

SVG icon sets in React with Rollup  #icons #svg #design #react #reactjs #reactjs

  • Build a better mousetrapAfter thinking about the problem a while and testing some less than ideal solutions, the Rollup compatible version of Icon.js file looked like this:// The new wayimport Icons from ‘.
  • /Icons’;const IconComponent = Icons[this.props.icon];return {IconComponent IconComponent()};Instead of each SVG being housed in individual React components, every SVG is held within a single file, wrapped in a function, and exported.
  • Each of these functions simply returns an SVG.Exported SVG functionsWe then make all of these functions available by default by adding them to the default export at the end of the file.
  • This pattern allows Rollup to fetch the correct icon with a function call when bundled, and completely bypass the dynamic require from the Webpack configuration.export default { Reply, Search}Icon icon=’Outcome’ color=’black’ size=’small’ /What we end up with, is an icon component that behaves very much like its predecessor but does not rely on Webpack black magic for it to work correctly.While the Webpack implementation still works great, this pattern is a little clearer and only requires you to manipulate a single function to edit, add or remove an SVG.

When I wrote “Embedded SVG icon sets and Reactjs” almost 3 years ago, the way that developers implemented an icon set was considerably different. SVGs were not the most widely used icon types being…
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What are the reasons for using EmberJs? – Gazar JavaScript Blog – Medium

What are the reasons for using #EmberJS?  #Ember #framework #JavaScript #React #ReactJS

  • EmberJs, What is the feeling when you hear something about emberJs?
  • If you are a front-end developer, it is most likely to use React or Angular2,4!
  • Although, there are still so many doubts about choosing this framework.Did you know these popular websites are using Ember?Apple Music, Yahoo!
  • , LinkedIn, TinderBox, Netflix, GrouponWhat are the differences?Firstly, Ember is a fully opinionated framework, compare to react which is just a library for updating DOM.Secondly, EmberJs has a powerful CLI for creating anything like models and controllers.Thirdly, Facebook has developed React, but, this team is responsible for maintaining Ember.Of course, there are so many technical differences rather than these three points ( You can read more about them here ), however, I just wanted to mention general and bold ones.At the end:Both frameworks are so great in development and there are so many known products written with them.
  • As I see, there are two reasons for selecting React over Ember:You are a developer who wants to have your own structure and opinion for your product.Your company feels better when they hear about Facebook behind ReactJs.Choose React, if you have one of these reasons, otherwise, Ember definitely is a better choice over ReactJs.I have been using React because of the first reason and I think this would be a reason of so many others.What do you think?

What? EmberJs, What is the feeling when you hear something about emberJs? If you are a front-end developer, it is most likely to use React or Angular2,4! or 5? nowadays!
But what is wrong with…
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Hiring Frontend Developers

RT @TB4HR: Frameworks for Frontend - #AngularJS, #Backbone, #ReactJS, #jQuery,  #EmberJS

  • The moment users open websites or apps on the desktop, smartphone or tablet we see beautiful work of Frontend Developers.
  • Frontend Developers code in programming languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript with different frameworks so that websites, apps look great and are easy to use.
  • As part of development process, Frontend Developers also work hand in hand with Backend developers on specific tasks as they are part of the last layer to go on in the development of an application.
  • As technology evolves the products, services are rapidly changing, companies are looking for creative developers who can revolutionalize the Frontend development practices.
  • At Toolbox for HR we recruit Frontend Developers for tech companies based on their exclusive and specific technical needs and developer profiles.

We recruit Frontend Developers for tech companies. Check out our cool presentation loaded with tips and trends on Hiring Frontend Developers.
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FbStart AMA

  • Are you considering or using React Native in your mobile app?
  • Join Facebook’s Developer Advocacy team for a live video ‘Ask Me Anything’ session to talk about what’s new with React Native and related technologies.Specialists from Facebook’s team will be available for 45 minutes startingto answer questions.
  • Please use the comments section on the FbStart AMA event page to submit questions in advance!

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