Monday & #ReactNative 💙 #iOS #Android #mobile #apps #DevOps #software

Monday & #ReactNative 💙 

#iOS #Android #mobile #apps #DevOps #software

  • That’s why, today I’d like to share a number of things that boost my productivity while creating mobile app in React Native.
  • Storybook allows you to create stories in which you prepare pre filled UI elements with data that could possibly show up there during normal app lifetime.
  • Later within a few seconds you can easily go through all stories that you’ve described and see how they look on your device / emulator without the need of going through all of these states in normal app flow which takes much longer time.
  • This is a tiny example of a single story, however if you develop a normal app, you will surely have much more of them which may cover all of possible UI states for your components.
  • If your app grows, it’s easy to guess that tests will not run in a matter of milliseconds, but it’s still normal to have a result of them within 1-3 seconds from the time that you saved your file.

A developer needs tools that support her/his workflow to be fully productive. Well, I guess that this statement fits to any profession that you can think of. It is really important for me to feel that the environment that I’m working in really supports my flow and works well with my approach to software development.
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#iOS #Android #mobile #apps #DevOps #software”

Opinion: Weighing risks against benefits of React Native in the enterprise

Opinion: Weighing risks against benefits of #ReactNative in the enterprise

  • React Native’s architecture, its declarative approach to UI, its predilection for placing related code in the same file, plus its emphasis on functional programming all make for software that is more deterministic and more reliable than the standard approach.
  • The approaches to UI development could not be more different.
  • > Twitter enables developers to embed ads into tweet streams
  • Objective C vs. React Native: Comparing Developments
  • In a parallel undertaking, RNF had begun conducting experiments with React Native.

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@Developer_Tech: “Opinion: Weighing risks against benefits of #ReactNative in the enterprise”

Discussions proliferate as to whether React Native is already mature enough to be considered as the basis for enterprise applications.

Opinion: Weighing risks against benefits of React Native in the enterprise