Getting Started With React Programming

Getting Started With #ReactProgramming by @KumarPraveen179 cc @CsharpCorner  #Reactjs

  • You should know the basic concepts of JavaScript like – – – Basically, it is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • We can say that it’s a new type of JS library, offering a new approach to build/update a View.
  • It creates a virtual DOM to track the changes when the application state is updated and uses the virtual DOM to update only those parts of a page which have been changed.
  • It was first deployed on Facebook’s Newsfeed in 2011 and after that, on – – Where To Use React – – As we discussed above, it’s a JavaScript library so, it is possible to use React everywhere where JavaScript code can be executed.
  • In the upcoming article, I will explain more about virtual DOM using programming example along with the graphical view.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is developed by Facebook to facilitate the building with the interactive, stateful and reusable UI components.
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Learn Relay

Learn Relay! #relayjs #reactjs

  • Relay will aggregate the defined queries with fragments by using Relay.
  • All mutations have to be dispatched using the Relay.
  • As Relay is a GraphQL client, this introduction focuses on the client side.
  • Mutations are the counterpart to queries, as they are used to modify or delete data.
  • Queries are a central part of Relay as they are used to fetch data from the GraphQL server.

Get a broad overview of the goals and prerequisites of this introduction to Relay and get to know the Pokedex app we will build together.
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