Articles On- Rise of #ReactJS #Development in 2018 – React JSX

Articles On- Rise of #ReactJS #Development in 2018 - React JSX

  • With React JSX it becomes extremely easy to code UI test cases due to its Virtual DOM system which is implemented in the JSX.
  • Also, with the help of React JSX you can use and reuse components throughout the applications.
  • The implementation of JSX provides a number of advantages through React which make it such a powerful tool for User Interface creation.
  • JSX is one of the unique features of React which is making it so popular.
  • It is evident that using JSX through React does not only provide various advantages but the changeover from other UI development platform like HTML to JSX is extremely easy and convenient.

React.js is what you need to develop mobile apps with awesome UI/UX. Learn React.js development whole process by industry experts to make your dream project.
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Typescript or Flow – Product at Home

#Typescript or #Flow: What’s your type?  #ReactJS

  • If you spend your days making 100-line apps or scripting stuff in a console, maybe adding types is not the thing for you.But if you’re working on bigger apps or libraries, spending a couple of hours to set up and learn the basics of TS or Flow will bring you…
  • You end up with a more robust and reliable code base.What really matters for you as a developer is the final outputI see a lot of guides, sometimes really good ones, focussed on the structural and implementation differences between TS and Flow — TS is a language, Flow isn’t etc. — but these aren’t the…
  • Let’s see what warnings TS and Flow are giving me:Typescript error messageFlow error messageTypescript clearly gives us the solution to fix the problem, whereas Flow just flags a type incompatibility.Errors on missing propsFor me this one is the biggest issues with Flow: Instead of having the error in the Title / component like…
  • Better yet, I could avoid this problem altogether in TS by taking advantage of with Atom and VS Code are fine, but from personal experience, Typescript remains faster than Flow, especially on large projects.So it looks like Typescript is clearly the best choice, or is it?Setup:If you have an existing project…
  • You’ll still need your unit and e2e tests to be sure that your app is running as expected.Both Flow and Typescript are awesome ❤ and I’m really happy that both of these solutions exist.

tldr; You’re not a machine. You just can’t catch all bugs and know your (and your team’s) code by heart and it’s not your job. So add static types! Ok, let’s clarify something here. If you spend your…
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Using Higher Order Components in a React Application

  • If you have started using ReactJS recently often you might have felt that you are performing repeated logic in many components.
  • Well Higher Order Component (HOC) provides solution to such a kind of problems.
  • A function (Functional component in React) which takes a component and gives back another component.
  • So the exact benefits are:

    Functional components started from React V15.

  • But apart from that if we are careful enough we can have an architecture which can abstract logic that can be shared across other presentational components using HOC has great benefits.

If you have started using ReactJS recently often you might have felt that you are performing repeated logic in many components. For example consider an app having:
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Vaadin Charts

Vaadin Charts 3.2 stable is out! Now with great #ReactJS support, check it out.

  • Vaadin Charts requires a license per every developer using it.
  • Learn two ways to style your Vaadin Charts: styling a single chart and styling all your charts.
  • There are two main modules of Vaadin Charts: Vaadin Charts for Web developers and Vaadin Charts for Java developers.
  • Vaadin Charts is a powerful tool for visualizing your data.
  • But you’ll also get financial charts, such as candlestick and Open-High-Low-Close, and 3D charts.

Vaadin Charts is a powerful tool for visualizing your data. It works seamlessly in your HTML5, JavaScript and Vaadin project. Just choose the chart type you need from our comprehensive collection and give your data a look’n feel everyone can understand.
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